late night appearance affirms vigoda aliveness

Late Night Appearance Affirms Vigoda Aliveness

A recent cameo appearance on "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" by actor Abe Vigoda confirmed that the 82 year old actor has not yet died. The actor, participating in a sketch about Quentin Tarantino, was greeted with warm applause and mutters of, "He's alive?" Vigoda was a good sport, as always, even donning a blond wig in an [unsuccessful] attempt to spark the [unfunny] sketch. Coincidentally, the audience reaction at seeing a living, breathing Vigoda came just as the sketch itself nearly died.

O'Brien's show adopted Vigoda as a recurring cast member and symbol of man's struggle to stave off the Grim Reaper five years ago. Since then, he has made frequent cameos, his distinctive eyebrows and imposing cranial structure reminding fans of "The Godfather", "Barney Miller", and their own mortality.

"We love Abe," said O'Brien. "And as long as he's physically capable of standing upright and reading a single line written extra-big on a cue card, we're going to keep putting him in sketches that people wouldn't normally applaud, but will because he's in them and not dead. Because that's the Conan O'Brien way, and ever since Andy left, we've been a little bit desperate."

Vigoda enjoys his appearances on the show, and plans to continue to make cameo appearances and cheat death for the foreseeable future. The scourge of dead pools everywhere insists he is working and in good health, and promises to one day "dance on all your motherfucking graves."

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