sean keane at 50 mason, february 3rd


Another month, another appearance at the San Francisco Comedy Club, at 50 Mason. This time I'm not the headliner, merely part of the showcase. I wish there were a fancy term for this slot. "Sub-headliner" either sounds like I'm a super-powered comedian from Atlantis, or the headliner is practicing BDSM on me.

Nevertheless, I will be doing about ten minutes as part of a killer ensemble. Our headliner, Bill Santiago, is a rising star who recently taped a half-hour special for Comedy Central. To give you some perspective on this, I recently taped an eight-minute version of White Christmas starring Cabbage Patch Kids, for an audience of four people. Also performing in the showcase are Jerry Goldstone, Kevin Camia, and Zahra Noorbakhsh.

The show starts at 8:00, and admission is $10. As always, there is no drink minimum at 50 Mason, and there is even less in the way of bag checks for alcohol. The official promotional announcement is after the jump.

50 Mason Street, San Francisco - between Market and Eddy
Hosted by Eric Peterson

Info/Reservations: 415-398-4129 or

"The home of underground comedy in San Francisco" - SF Chronicle
"Best Place to Enjoy Comedy for the Price of a Movie" - SF Guardian

Who: The very funny Bill Santiago PLUS Kevin Camia, Zahra Noorbakhsh, Jerry Goldstone and Sean Keane!
Bill just taped his first Comedy Central Presents 1/2 Hour Special in New York City, but you can see him Feb. 3 in San Francisco!

Where: San Francisco Comedy Club, 50 Mason Street (between Market/Eddy)

When: Friday, February 3 at 8 pm (Doors open at 7:30 p.m.)

Admission: $10 (No Drink Minimum!)

For reservations, call 415-398-4129.

Transportation/Parking: One block from the Powell Street BART and Muni station. Parking garage conveniently located across the street from 50 Mason and a 'discount' parking lot next to Hotel Bijou.

50 Mason @ Eddy
San Francisco, CA 94102


Damn these last-minute bookings. I'm going to be missing you AND SF in Jello!

do you still have the cabbage patch dolls? also, i would love to see that.

i (along with kristen and christine) will be watching tutued ballerinas spin around on friday. sorry. next time, gadget.

I still have it. i need to convert a lot of things from the tiny digital video tape they're now on, into something more easily watchable/downloadable.

This version of "White Christmas" plays up the original's unspoken sexual tension between Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye's characters. We do almost all of the songs, but we change the lyrics.

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