blogging about ring tones is like text messaging about pop-up ads

A good friend sent me a link to a Craigslist ad asking for writers to Help Build The Next Great Blog Network.

Sports Business Simulations at has an interlinked network of 24 blogs within its website system. We're currently signing up bloggers who would co-own each blog with SBS, and be able to add their own blogs.

We're looking for bloggers to take over the following available blogs:

Health Care
Entertainment Focus
Oakland Focus
College Football
College Basketball
Ring Tones
Online Gaming
Golden State Warriors

I think this blog could make some serious money if I buckled down and focused on ring tones. If the people at Sports Business Simulations are reading this, consider this an audition blog:

Ring Tone Blog #1

My mom doesn't know how to use her cell phone. She can answer it, and make calls, but that's pretty much the extent to which she utilizes the phone's features. She hasn't checked her voicemail in about six months, so the mailbox is full, and like my grandma, she generally turns it off when she's out, so as to conserve the battery she will never ever use.

However, Mom does enjoy ring tones. Not that she's changed her own ring tone from the factory default, but she likes the variety of sounds that occur when her children receive a call. One of her favorites was Molly's old ring tone, "Big Pimpin'" by Jay-Z.

My mom may or may not know who Jay-Z is, beyond being "Beyonce's husband". So I was surprised when we were in the car one day, and she began bobbing her head to "Big Pimpin'". When I looked surprised, Mom paused her passenger seat dancing just long enough to point at the radio and say, "Cool! Molly's phone."

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