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The May 2007 Sean Keane College Tour concludes tonight with a show at Leland Stanford Junior University. I'll be hosting Tuesday Comedy Night at the Stanford Comedy Club, located at The 750 Pub, 750 Escondido Rd Palo Alto, CA 94305.

The lineup features local favorite Boxcar, Buffalo native and founder of High Contrast Comedy, as a feature act, and an unprecedented triumvirate of headlining from Jeremy Whitman, Scot Shields, and Adam Hammer, as part of their Just Another Hangover Tour. Show starts at 9 PM, and should finish up about 11.

I learned a lot from going back to school this month. San Francisco State has cheap beer and an enormous video arcade. My baby face still gets me carded at campus bars. Dwinelle Hall in Berkeley still has a disorienting layout. College students everywhere enjoy jokes about inferior academic institutions and mass murders at other colleges. And, most likely, Stanford still sucks.

June brings comedy competitions, more shows with Joe Tobin, and an assortment of South Bay appearances. Watch this space for more details, or check the MySpace calendar.

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