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Sarantos Studios

These amazing videos do not need any commentary, but in case one of these acting demos happens to move you, here the requisite contact info:

Free service for acting students of Sarantos Studios in Chicago performing material for viewing by casting directors of student films and low budget feature films.




CHRISTOPHER MIDKIFF does a monologue from "Heat".

Harold Dennis does "Training Day".

More, so much more, on the Sarantos Studios channel.

For the past few months (and every third Friday this summer), I have been producing comedy shows built around a very marginal "Sean" pun. First it was "The Seanukkah Show" back in December, and most recently, it was "The Seanshank Redemption". In a few weeks, on my 30th birthday, you can see "Sean Keane Going on 30", where I channel my inner Jennifer Garner.

The first really solid realization of this concept came in March, when I did "Sean In 60 Seconds". The opening of the show featured me as Nicolas Cage, decoding coded messages about hair plugs, Lisa Marie Presley, and the perils of naming your son after Superman. Eventually, "Nicolas" showed his own self-produced blockbuster action movie, entitled "Gone In 60 Seconds 2: Book of Secrets", which I now present to you, gentle Zembla reader.

Gone In 60 Seconds 2: Book of Secrets from Sean Keane on Vimeo.

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