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Zembla design 2: Back in the Habit

Templates are fixed, and Zembla's going to start featuring content again. It's been so long, baby!

As always, you can see shorter entries, scrapier posts, and more blatant self-promotion at Sean Keane Comedy Dot Com. My sports blogging has been primarily shifted over to SportsCentr, but you can read my thoughts, insights, and personal insults to Ben Wallace over at NBA Playoffs 2009. Also, here's my infrequently updated Twitter feed: LLCoolS. (That stands for "Ladies Love Cool Sean", obviously).

Here are the first three episodes of my new web series, "Elevator to Space". It's about astronauts, and it is extremely dramatic and exciting.


When do new episodes come out?

New episodes will generally come out on Mondays, on a semi-weekly basis.

Where else can I find these hilarious videos?

Visit, and on the Vimeo channel.

What, was taken?


Who are your collaborators?

Chris Garcia, Louis Katz, and Alex Koll. Music by DJ Real.

Is this a scientifically-accurate depiction of what a space elevator would really be like?


What can I look forward to in the future from this series?

We have 20+ episodes in the can so far, and I think we all agree that they get progressively stronger/funnier, as the acting and concepts both improve significantly. However, the funniest moment so far is me getting hurt accidentally.

Sean, will future episodes also feature you getting hurt on purpose?

Yes. Enjoy!

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

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