fermat and schubert


So it's a conversation between Fermat and Schubert, at lunch:

Fermat: Schubert! How good to see you! I haven't seen in you in many weeks.

Schubert: Good to see you as well, Fermat! I have been working long hours on my latest composition. Once I complete this third movement, my masterpiece is complete. But enough about me, Fermat - Tell me how your research progresses.

Fermat: Wonderful, wonderful. My theorem will soon be proven!

Schubert: Good to hear, good to hear. So... are we still on for skydiving tomorrow?

Fermat: I wouldn't miss it for the world!


ahem ahem where is my dope scoop?

(i know. i am so impatient.)

From matt holohan: "have you heard seane's story about the tyrannosaurus rex demonstration at the museum?"

No. Why don't you blog, you fucker?

whoo. harsh, kristen.

but she's got a good point, ya fucker.

Consider it blogged. Also, my sister didn't actually get hired at that publishing place, I learn - she just interviewed there. Some lousy dope scoop I got there, huh?

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