the observational comic encounters... the physics midterm


Professor: This is a fifty-minute exam, covering Chapters 4-6 and the first two sections of Chapter 7. Please bubble in the correct answer using a #2 pencil.

Observational Comic: What is the deal with the #2 pencil warning? Are there a bunch of charcoal artists taking this test? We can send a telescope out to the edge of the solar system, but we can't design a Scantron machine capable of reading lead from a #2.2 pencil? Who's running the Scantron industry - the Florida Election Commission?

Professor: You now have forty-seven minutes.

Observational Comic: And don't get me started on Newtonian physics. This guy died a virgin, and he's lecturing me about the laws of motion?!? I mean, come on, people!

Professor: Get out.

Observational Comic: Thank you! I'll be here all next semester, retaking the course. Remember to tip your proctors.


I can barely write this comment through my laughter. My hands are shaking too much. You are a comic genius.

yo sean -- just found your site via deenihan's blog. good times, these. you're a damn fine writer and i hope you keep up the submissions, at least nominally. otherwise, that means i'll have to make the call on running another freedman piece. and that's just not a choice that i'm prepared to make.

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