an ode to my favorite muni line


Since moving to San Francisco, I've spent a lot of evenings walking the streets alone, and returning to an empty house. Sure, it gets lonely sometimes, but there's one certain MUNI line that's been there for me, day-in, day-out. And as a thank-you to this wonderful public transit service, I asked Sir Paul McCartney to write a song about it.


By Paul McCartney

From Ocean Beach
Take my commute, make it less dirty
You stop at Montgomery and at Powell
Don't need the Night Owl
Until 12:30

My favorite train
Though my own seat, no, I'm not gonna get
You can't help your popularity, Jude
It's just lots of dudes
Live in the Sunset

And anytime I take the J
Don't be dismayed
I'm not sick of your crowded conditions

Don't you know I'd be insane
To board your train
For making my way down to the Mission

You've got my back
Riding you my commute's improving
The minute you leave the underground track
I'm warned to stay back
The stairs are moving

So let the others out and in
Grand hunk of tin
Compared to you, the streetcar's a poor way

And once I hear them say "Duboce"
I know I'm close
The movement I need is through the doorway


Two blocks away
From my apartment here in the Castro
If I miss you, and I'm left in the lurch
I won't walk to Church
You're still much fast'ro

Fast'ro, fast'ro, fast'ro, fast'ro, fast'ro, Ahhh!



(repeat for 4-5 minutes)


N-Judah was complicit in one of the darkest days of my life, a day filled with misery after inconvenience and culminating with my failure to ride that blasted line to its destination and attend a picnic in the park with some friends i dearly wanted to see. my homemade guacamole was not the only thing that soured when i was forced to disembark at church and duboce with no hope of a continuing train, no shuttle forthcoming, no knowledge of the dreary and distant intersection into which i stepped, and no course of action to take but to return home by public transit a beaten and non-picnicking woman.

i curse you, N-Judah, with every last breath in my body. may sean's affection yield you some happiness, for i swear today it will be the last happiness you see.

Oh glorious N, how I love thee! (as you roar past my bedroom window repeatedly on a Sunday morning while I nurse a hangover...)

I miss the Red line; it may have been filthy, but at least it didn't disturb anyone (except for the folks in Wigg).

I just took the N on Friday! I like it because it takes me to the beach.

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