a pedophile and a pedagogue in conversation


Pedagogue: It states on your name badge here that you're a pedophile.

Pedophile: That's right.

Pedagogue: I would not have thought one would be so open and brazen about such an ignoble pursuit.

Pedophile: Well, the way I see it is, women's feet are beautiful. I just can't get enough of them. And any fine-lookin' lady with a nice set of little piggies should know right up front that toe-sucking is my thing, just so there's no confusion or awkward moments.

Pedagogue: Excuse me? Am I to understand that you have a foot fetish?

Pedophile: That's what the card says, ma'am.

Pedagogue: Oh no. You see, "pedophile" is derived from the Greek root "paidos", which means "child", and "philia," which is "love of". "Pedophile" then refers to "love of children", and in the early 20th century became adopted into the vernacular as a term for one who has a sexual perversion in which children are the preferred object.

Pedophile: No way!

Pedagogue: You may have been confused by the Latin ped-, which does refer to the foot. The term that you are undoubtedly looking for is "podophile", or more correctly, "podophiliac", which uses the correct Greek root. Incidentally, many words in our common speech have the same root as "pedophile", like "pediatrics" or "encyclopaedia", an extension of paideia, which refers to child rearing, or the education of children.

"Pedophile": That is very enlightening. Can I ask you another question?

Pedagogue: Certainly.

"Pedophile": Are you wearing open-toed shoes?


Damnit Sean! I said paidos not paido! Get it right or pay the price.

for gene, at least, this is an unimportant distinction.

if only bugs were involved somehow.

or freeze-dried beef!

or freeze-dried bugs!

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