why joe buck sucks, part 1


Fox announcer Joe Buck is terrible, but he's impossible to avoid. As the top play-by-play man for both football and baseball, Buck bothers America eight months a year. Here's an example:

In 2003, the Chicago Cubs played the Atlanta Braves in the first round of the playoffs. If you are unfamiliar with the Cubs' history of futility, just know that they haven't been to a World Series since 1945, and they haven't won the World Series since 1908. 1908 was the last time they won a series in the postseason. So when the Cubs took the lead in the decisive Game Five, it was a pretty exciting event.

Since this was a Fox telecast, there were plenty of shots of little children and old people in Cubs gear, players' wives, and praying fans. When starting pitcher Kerry Wood was still in the game, the director had taken to showing his wife, Sarah, about every two minutes. Kerry went eight strong innings, so they showed her a lot. There were so many shots of her reactions that Wood asked Fox to stop filming her quite so much in subsequent games.

When Joe Borowski came in to close the game, it was definitely a milestone in Cubs history, one that might be recorded and re-played by devoted fans for years. Borowski struck out Andruw Jones for the final out, and Joe Buck's historic call went like this:

"Sarah Wood will be celebrating with her husband tonight!"

Yes, for the Cubs' first series win in 95 years, by all means acknowledge the starting pitcher's wife first. Joe Buck is a douchebag.

UPDATE: If you dislike Joe Buck, check out SportsCentr.


I totally agree. This guy needs to go.

I was just listening to the last pitch of the World Series and Joe Buck's call. He made reference to Jason Isringhausen's conversation with Adam Wainwright and being swarmed then said Wainwright was being swarmed in a big big way. Just utter jibberish....nonsensical shit for brains stuff at the cusp of the Cardinal's game 5 win. Ive been in radio play by play for over 20 years, and this guy is an embarrassment to our fraternity.

Here's Buck announcing the Red Sox victory over the Yankees in 2004, the culmination of the greatest come-from-behind victory in baseball history:

"It will be their fifth pennant since the year 1918, there it is, ground ball to second, Reese...the Boston Red Sox have won the pennant."

Because that's what Red Sox fans were going to remember - finally getting that elusive fifth pennant since 1918. Tool.

Here is the real problem sean. You, I, and Lord knows how many other thousands have been treated unfairly by the the media that allow this new generation of ultra hip tv types to broadcast baseball. I applaud your wisdom on the matter.

My god, Joe Buck is annoying. He's an idiot, boring and has a grating dorky voice. I literally change games when I see he is an analyst. You hear that Fox???

Joe Buck is annoying. I can't stand to listen to his monotone voice for any length of time. You can replace him with a computer hooked up to a speech synthesizer.

Fox PLEASE rid the world of his boring announcing!!!!

This is just some bitter cub fan who knows that his team is worthless and will never win a world series again. He's just mad because Joe Buck is a St. Louis boy. Get over it buddy. Cardinals > Cubs. CARDS WS CHAMPS 06.

I am being dead serious about this... can we start an official "Joe Buck is a Douchebag" website?

(And don't get me started on Tim McCarver)

When the White Sox were winning the World Series in 2005, I did not even listen to Joe Buck on the tv. I turned the TV down and listened to John Rooney on the radio call. The same way I listened to Jeff Joniak during the NFC Championship game. I have been in play-by-play internet radio since 1996 and I take the simple principles with me all the time. Tell the who what and where and let the color commentator tell the how and the why.

Joe Buck is an A-hole. If you aren't a fan of the Cardinals you sre done. But what I can't understand is his hatred of things Philly? and to a lesser extenxt NY. What Joe only know sh*tty hookers in Dallas? Juggle T.O's nuts in your smiley mouth yo a-hole

I'm from St.Louis and obviously a fan of all the area teams and I got to say I still can't stand this guy. He is openly self-centered and completely full of himself. He's a terrible announcer always more than eager to bash teams and players personally while announcing a game. This guy is a disgrace to all sports broadcasting. Help remove this guy by signing a petition at the following website.

I have this nasty cold sore on my lower lip. It is going on two weeks now. Every night it dries out and cracks so I have this nasty scab for the first half of the day,then it falls off and alternates between bleeding and oozing puss BUT....I still like it better than listening to Joe Buck

After Vikings wide receiver Randy Moss simulated mooning the Green Bay crowd in the end zone, Buck called it a "disgusting act." The moon was allegedly an attempt to respond to Packer fans, who traditionally moon the Vikings players aboard the team bus, a fact of which Buck declined to tell.[4] McCombs asked FOX to prevent Buck from broadcasting other Viking playoff games, a request FOX denied. If it werent for his father getting him the cushy announcing position, Joe would likely be serving someone "Moons over Miami" right about now.

I will say I agree with all of you that dislike Joe Buck! I personally hate the man, especially during the baseball season, but also during the football season. Watching the World Series this year (I'm a die hard Rockies Fan) I have really gotten irritated by him. I will admit the Rockies were/are being out played but that man can only talk about the Red Sox. I'd say that about 95% of the stats that he states is about the Sox. SHARE THE WEALTH YOU BASTARD!!! I'm trully thankful the Cardinals aren't in the world series this year. I was stationed in Illinois when he was the cardinals commentator and I was SOOOO happy to get out of there to hopefully not have to listen to his crap any more but little did I know he was going to be working for FOX Sports. I trully hate him. And then he started commentating with Troy Aikman for the football season. I really feel sorry for troy for having to work with that man. I could only imagine how annoyed he must be. Fox must be paying Troy a hell of a lot of money to have to work with him. OUT WITH JOE FU%$, I mean BUCK!!!

Here, in this 4th game of the WS (Red Sox vs. Rockies), this idiot Joe Buck keeps saying "...and the inning is over!" when the Sox are batting at the top of the inning, get 3 outs and it is glaringly obvious, to every one but this nitwitted Ken Doll, that we are at 'mid-inning'. He hasn't done this just once or twice, he does it after every 3 outs!!! Jaysus!

From a woman's point of view, this guy is sexy and has a great speaking voice and all of you are just jealous. Please give this man a break, if nothing else, because he has a lot of fans who couldn't live without him during baseball and football season!

GiGi, you wouldn't happen to be the wife of Joe Buck would you?

1) he makes the game soooooo boring

2) he does not know baseball

and how they put tim acarver with him? those are 2 of the most annoying people in the world, TOGETHER!

fox has no pitty for the fans.

The Father, Jack Buck was a hall of famer along with Ray Scott. The son is another example of pitiful nepotism in the sports industry.

it obvious that joe buck and troy aikman are gay lovers .i think ight now they a spooning in the both at lambaeu field to keep warm

I totally agree with you, Joe Buck sucks and is the worst commentator ever. He is way too stupid to be that famous! He always is saying that the Yankees are cheaters and don't win fairly, well I say BULLSHIT!

Joe Buck is terrible. I have to wonder who he sucks off everyday to keep his job. He has got to be a pro at the sucking part!

Fox smarten up, this guy is loosing you ratings.

I agree. He isnt as bad as the Carey offspring, but horrible non the less. Being in St. Louis, I saw him get his start, and watching him and MaCarver on fox is worse then watching soccer, and I would personally rather get raped in prison then watch soccer. Nobody has ridden their fathers coat tails further then well the Kennedys

I can't even listen to buck or mccarver. they both suck. I am a die hard yankees fan and it seems like buck has a issue with the yankees costantly talking about how bad they are even when they are doing well. that guy is by far the worst announcer around, as a matter of fact he ranks up there with alsmost all of those crappy espn commentators.

strike two and inning over are all Joe Buck says...

Joe Buck, along with all the other FOX and ESPN commentators, always reiterate the stereotypes of the city they happen to be in while covering the game. Being from Chicago, it is painful to listen to them beat the life out of the "Billy Goat Curse" and the whole "Bartman" ordeal. It's over. The Cubs are not cursed and Bartman did not lose the game for them either. I can't imagine what it is like for the other cities that they cover.

I thought thier was only one Joe Buck!!!! Hanging out in time square!!!

I hope Joe Buck gets hit by a bus. He sucks so much. GO Yanks. ESPN AND JOE MCCARVER AND JOE BUCK SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Manning, Gets away from the tackle... still on his feet. Throws down field...and its caught. First Down.

Maybe the most dramatic play this decade, destroyed by Joe Buck.

I was watching the Dodger game last night, and on a 3-1 count, Manny takes a pitch which he thinks is ball four and starts going to first, but the umpire calls it a strike. Meanwhile Buck says "And that pitch was right down the middle." 2 seconds later, the Fox replay shows the pitch out of the strike zone about 8 inches off the plate and Buck doesn't say a word. Joe Buck sucks.

its a shame joe buck is young... cause i am waiting on mccarver to die... maybe he will get into a plane crash... hopefully... serously.

Ok, so he's calling the world series tonight, and all he is doing is ragging on the phillies. how howard is struggling. how they aren't hitting with runners in scoring position. and on and on. despite the fact that the phillies have led the whole game.

my personal favorite "joe buck sucks" moment has to be randy moss pretending to moon the packers fans at lambeau. joe buck was appalled, saying things like, "what a disgusting act. unbelievable." god i hate joe buck.

Sure Joe Buck is not Jim McKay or Al Michaels and certainly not his grandfather. Having said that Joe Buck is not even close to the worst out there. From the excessive banter and hyperbole of Dick Vital to boarderline illiterate anouncers like Shannon Sharp and Deon Sanders. And lets not leave out the Monday Night Football crew who are a complete chore to listen too. The bottomline is that most sports moments are manufactured excitement and in no way mirror images of the glory days of sports. To be fair to broadcasters like Joe Buck, sports now are more about commercials, pregame concerts (with what ever current American Idol wash up is available), about panning the crowd for stars. Its difficult for anyone to maintain enthusiasm after doing a 2 hour pregame show the hours of endless analysis from ESPN,Sports Center, PTI, Around the Horn ect. So the problem is that sports today are so over analyzed that by the time the game takes place no one cares anymore. Your complant to FOX should be to make the game the highlight not appeasing Corporate America.

I love the Phillies, I am a fan of the Eagles, but I cannot, CANNOT stand Joe Schmuck (Buck). He did not receive his stripes by the work he's done, only by his father's name. God, he sucks the big one. Can any Phila team EVER get a fair shake on Fox? The Phillies are truly amazing this year! What a team! How about a little respect Joe Schmuck?!!!

I'm surprised Fox doesn't have Joe Buck talk over all of the commercials too becuase all of us TV viewers are idiots. We never know what's going on and need to be told every second of the telecast.

Joe Buck - "Now here comes a fairly attractive lady driving her new Chevy down the city street. A rain delay of falling pumps appears from out of nowhere. Better use your wipers and go buy a Chevy."

Someone shoot me.

I wish Joe Buck and Tim McCarver would have a wreck on the way back to the hotel and both die.

It is nice to see that so many people hate Joe Buck. However, he is one of many reasons that MLB has ruined baseball on TV by letting Fox have it for so long. Let's start with Jeannie Zelasco. She is the epitome of the FOX edict, which is sensory overload. When she speaks, her only objective seems to be saying as many words as fast as she can, without actually saying anything that most baseball fans would find interesting. She is truly an annoying woman. The real culprit is FOX. They literally hold MLB hostage. It is because of them that next year the World Series will go into November. As I write this, I am watching game 5 of the World Series and the weather in Philadelphia is horrible. These weather conditions would have stopped any regular season game, but it is also primetime brought to you by FOX. It doesn't matter that over 40,000 people paid an average of $175 per ticket. What matters is the ratings. Which by the way, go down almost every year. That's because for some reason nine inning postseason games can't be played in less than 3 1/2 hours. Also, consider this: at this moment, it is 32 degrees in Minneapolis, where the Twins will move into a new stadium with NO ROOF in 2010. There have been several years where in the last week of October Denver, CO got over 6 inches of snow and daytime temperatures in the 20's. Eventually, Bud Selig will lose this game of russian roulette he plays with the weather. I guess when that happens, he will simply move the World Series to Milwaukee, which is apparently the go to venue anytime weather messes things up anywhere else.
In closing, I can't agree more about everything that has been said about Joe Buck. He has nothing approaching a personality, and calls a game as if he is delivering a corporate stockholders report. I can't end this without mentioning Tim McCarver, who shares "insights" under the assumption that most of his TV audience has never seen a baseball game. I would pay good money to never hear him say the word "perhaps" again.

firejoebuck.net.......coming soon

Yeah, Joe Buck jr - got his Daddy's job - a job his Dad earned, worked hard at and truly excelled in. Joey Jr - however was given a hand out. He didn't earn anything.

When he called this years Rays / Phils series it visually pained him to say the Phillies were going to win. Despite the fact that he was paired with a former World Series winning catcher from the Phillies TIM "I couldn't be more of a CAPTAIN OBVIOUS" McCarver - little Joey Buck decided it was more important to remind folks of booing Santa Clause (cheap way out Joey), and the fact that the Phillies lost 10,000 games before any other pro-team. Not that they deserved to win, not that they simply won 24 of 30 games in the last 40 days - no instead, it PAINED Joe to admit that the Phillies were BEST in BASEBALL. SCREW you Joey Jr. By the way ... you're going bald.

Jack Buck was a legend in Cardinals baseball history. Joe Buck is a legend in BIASED FOX SPORTS commentary. I believe he sold his soul to fox years ago. What a way to make your dad proud. Joe Buck is the most ignorant and biased commentator on national television. He doesn't even TRY to hide his affiliations and he is alienating viewers. We now MUTE Fox's coverage and listen to ESPN audio to avoid this joke of an announcer. Fox's media sponsors should know that they are losing ALL effectiveness during these games at least in our house BECAUSE of Joe Buck. FIRE JOE BUCK!

Buck is awful. Even Aikman is getting diseased by him.

The last Bear/Packer game, all Joe Buck did was start controversy. He's a tabloid reporter, not a sports analyst.

He's never played the sport ... so just call the play. Don't try to give us insight - because its wrong most of the time. And he trivializes things he doesn't know, or understand.

Second rate, second class citizen is all he is.

I am from Philadelphia. The Phillies just won the 2008 World Series. TBS broadcasted the NLDS, so thank god I didn't have to hear Joe Buck's Voice. But during the NLCS against the Dodgers, Joe Buck was literally in LOVE with Manny Ramirez. Every time he struck out (which wasn't that much),"What a bad call by the umpires." Or if Manny grounded out and it was close enough to argue about it,"Aww, so close. Manny hustled the whole way." He never once said,"That was a great throw by Jimmy Rollins or Chase Utley or someone else." So overall, he favored the Dodgers over the Phillies, and he made it pretty damn clear. I don't mind if you like another team, but if you are a broadcaster, please talk about both teams equally.

Now for the World Series. Philadelphia Rays vs Tampa Bay Rays. All did pretty much the first 4 games was say how the Phillies were struggling (even though we were up 3-1 in the series). How Howard is ice cold. Utley wasn't doing much in the Postseason. And how bad we were with runners in scoring position. Despite those facts, we still won the WS. And one fact the pissed me off so much. I'm not sure which game it was, I think game 2. Jamie Moyer was pitching for the phillies. There was a ground ball hit towards 1st base. 45-year-old Jamie Moyer ran his ass off to get the ball. He dove, and tossed it to Ryan Howard to get what looked like an out. Only the Umpire called it safe. This was Joe Bucks response ,"Great base running." Not once did he mention the fact the 45 year old Jamie Moyer hustled and dove to make the great play.

And just yesterday. The Eagles vs the Cowboys. Until about the third quarter when the Eagles were up like 30something to 3, he began favoring the Eagles. He was making remarks how Romo and T.O. are going to win, and how great of a team they are.

I hate Joe Buck. Get his ass out of there.


joe buck is such a shithead. He's a judgemental little twirp. He has the most boring voice i have ever heard. That time when he called randy moss "disgusting" when he fake-mooned the packer crowd even though the packers fans actually moon the vikings team bus everytime they leave town was pathetic. Other analysts thought moss was hilarious. Joe buck is a spoiled, talentless, waste of skin and i don't know of anybody who is happy when he is calling a game. Why he is on the number one team with his void of charisma style is a total mystery to me.

I too am a die hard Phillies fan. Listening to Joe Buck and Tim McCarver ramble on about nothing are like nails on a chalk board. Every series the phillies were in it was always how great the other team was and how philly couldn't possibly win, especially the world series when they were up 3-1. Just awfull !! I will never watch another baseball game that he is doing the commentary on. Joe Buck needs to disappear !!

agree with most of the comments about Joe Buck.

Your lead play by play should be in the mold of an understated Pat Summerall or a charismatic guy like Dick Enborg.

Buck, like Fox has always missed the mark when it comes to sports journalism. They are 100% entertainment although Buck is not entertaining. Unfortunately, they have the NFL and MLB for another contract.

Fox and ESPN view is to make the coverage as "controversial" as possible for ratings sake. The problem is when there is a constant "controversy" the viewer becomes desensitized and eventually tunes out even if there is a real "controversy".

They pay a fortune to get it while the other networks realize its a waste of money because less and less watch TV sports with so many options in today's world.

Amen. This guy is the worst: Brainless and arrogant in equal measures. His new HBO show will be, at best, unintentionally funny. The guy is utterly clueless.

I am so happy to see that this has been going for more then 3 years. Joe Buck and Tim his crony are the absolute worst. I truly believe that if not for his father Joe Buck would be doing annoying voice overs for commercials. I have so much to say. But I am grateful to find that there is something I can agree with a sox fan about. Joe BUCK SUCKS!!!!!! HE IS A DOUCHEBAG!!! Everything else I want to say is inappropriate so I will leave it to your imagination. HAVE FUN!!


"Manning lobs it, burress alone, touchdown new york."
"pressure on the edge eli manning escapes it, throws it downfield, caught by tyree."

wow. enough said with those two quotes it is just endless with the terrible calls that this man his made, in addition to the phillies, randy moss, red sox, etc.
just gives even more credibility to the legend al michaels, so here is a simulation of how buck wouldve called the 1980 olympics:

"time winding down, the united states are off to the
gold medal game." if he announced this, it wouldnt have been as great a moment. props to fox for being so clueless for so long

Joe Buck commenting that TMZ is his favorite website "is a disgusting act." Joe Buck - Tool.

Buck just asked the question of why no one talks to any pitcher when they are in contention for a no hitter. I think he was truly serious and baffled. I don;t know Joe, maybe it is because it is a part of baseball traditions just like singing take me out to the ball game or every other idiosyncrasies that players do. Nomar Garciaparra glove strap adjustment anyone? Oh an I love how he chats up the weather conditions constantly. What a homer!

Joe Buck is a commentary on one of the many things that is wrong with the United States. Nepotism! He knows absolutely nothing about sports. We were forced to listen to his inane babble yesterday in the Patriots - Falcons game. He actually said the Patriot's defense was not good. They won the game 26-10 and held Atlanta (a playoff team last year - and probably this year) to under 300 yards.

He should thank God for Daddy every day of his life.


I read every single comment because each one (except for the one positive one) makes me believe in America again. Joe "Monotone" Buck blows holes. Period.

You know why he doesn't ever break away from his boring, idiotic tone? He's in love with it and thinks he doesn't need to get excited for sports fans everywhere to appreciate a good call. No one, and let me say, NO ONE LOVES JOE BUCK'S VOICE AS MUCH AS HE DOES!

He has no ide what hes doing, but he thinks hes one of the greatest broadcasters today

God, If the Phillies and Yankees Were to make the World Series i think he would just break down and cry cuz he hates both teams

Joe Buck is a Yankee hater. We cannot leave the sound on during the playoffs because of his disparaging remarks CONSTANTLY about the Yankees. OK, so alot of people don't like them but they are a great team and he is supposed to be neutral. My Lord, is there anyway we can get rid of him. Doesn't FOX care about all of us that can't stand him???

Joe Buck Joke of the Day:

Joe Buck and a huge anal sphincter go into a sleazy gay bar and try to pick up a couple of male skanks.

One skank turns to the other and says "if we're going to let these two a-holes pick us up you have to take the one with the ridiculous forehead".

All day long I've been telling my girlfriend Joe Buck sucks. Now that the game has finally started, I had her find a website that says "Joe Buck Sucks". With a smile on her face, she easily agrees to say, "I understand what you're saying", "JOE BUCK SUCKS". As a baseball fan, all we want is stats, facts, and silence.....let the game speak for itself, unless you want it to say, "JOE BUCK SUCKS". Thanks ESPN for all the great Sunday night baseball games!!

Joe Buck is absolutely terrible. He's the reason I will have to mute my TV to watch the Phillies in the World Series. And to the people who say he is a Yankee Hater, don't worry, he'll be all over the Yankees dicks now that they're playing the Phillies...

The only reason Joe Buck has a job in broadcasting is because of who his father was. That's it, that's the only reason.

He should be on E! (no offense E!). He is not a baseball annoucer. He is a gossip guy, always looking to spark controversy - trying to play up the personal side, to get a story line going, and get all emotional. I put the game on mute. I guess the company that he works for does not care about those who post here, because it does not care about baseball fans. They care about ratings - that is what pays the bills - and his E! hollywood angle surely gets people talking. He is such a tool. Oh well, thankfully there is a mute button.

Are you kidding me Joe... You are the worst sports broadcaster in the world, you are annoying and don't know what the heck you are talking about.. Mr Mono tone, you are not even netural Mr Yankee Hater!! You Suck Buck!

JOE BUCK IS THE WORST........I can't even hear or understand him or that other waste product, Tim McCarver when they are announcing (or lack there of)...What in the world is FOX thinking.......And call a game......WHEWWW......I think not......HE IS TOTALLY CLUELESS!!!!!!!!!! We all know why mccarver doesn't like the Yankees, cause he's "Mr.Philly" gag me........but BUCK........again, he's CLUELESS......there is NO BETTER TEAM IN BASEBALL...OTHER THAN THE YANKEES......do the STATS Buck....all in all.......get another day job!!!!

Here we go game 2 of the worldseries!! Hopefully Joe Buck has the Flu!

Thats why God made the mute button - because of Joe Buck. What a dope. And he gets paid BIG MONEY for annoying all of us!

Joe Buck is so useless, he is such an idiot, he adds ZERO insight and has no real baseball knowledge, its painful watching baseball on Fox, I feel dumber after listening to joe buck.

Nepotism + Braindead Monotone Drone = Joe Buck

Joe Buck + Fox = FAIL


Their broadcasting is completely biased. They are extremely unprofessional with their comments. They are boring. Their voices make me cringe. It's a shame I have to mute my TV during games. Really robs me of the joy of watching games.

As a Yankee fan, I hate having to listen to Joe Buck try and broadcast this World Series. His hatred for the Bombers couldn't be more clear unless he wrote it out with that little Madden Teleprompter Pen.

That being said, I have decided to delve into the world of website making:


Let me know what you guys think.

It is now Oct. 31, 2009 and Joe Buck has just called the Yankees 8-5 win over the Phillies in Philadelphia, putting the Yanks up 2-1 in the World Series. Throughout his play-by-play of this game [and the previous two games], he was, once again, sooo anti-Yankee. The disappointment in the monotone of his voice was so apparent, even a caveman would notice it. His closing comments were silly and irrelevant. He ruins the broacast of baseball's finest hours. Give me Skip Carry and Ron Darling, please!

Joe Buck is extremely gay. Just look at him. The guy knows jack shit about sports, and is an egotistical fag. Absolutely no skills at all commentating games. A retarded diseased camel could call a better game than this idiot. But, it's Fox- does it surprise you?

Well again Joe ruined the ball game for me. sick tonight so he wont be able to brodcast tomorrow. God he is just gross to lock at and listen to. well go figure is that fox news. He will go to hell. If you never want to be in his company. You better ask for forgivness.

Joe Buck hates the Yankees because the Yankees are queer. Still, Joe Buck sucks ass.

I agree with Rob. This douchebag is definately a yankee hater. Arod clearly hit that homerun, yet Douchebag Schmuck says that its a controversy call. Lick Mccarver's left nut. FOX GET RID OF HIS "DISGUISTING" ASS!

I'm so glad that so many people really,really hate buck. There's not much left for me to say, except maybe parkinson's will set in to shut him up.

joe buck is a moron he's a guy who's never played the game or sport for that matter he was probably the guy that no one would want to pick on there team when he was a kid and be last and forced to be picked he's irrating i wish someone would just slap him in his stupid mouth ,he dont know sports he dont know sport's and players background,he calls plays after the fact they happen.he's a miracle he's only on because of who his dad was.he wont shut up about how shane victorino is from hawaii god who give's a s***,he's a philly team bandwagoner and the idiot aint even from philly i hate that son of a bitch john miller and joe morgan need to do the game calling or any espn analyst god.i got turn up espn radio and turn the volume off my t.v when i watch the world series. lol it works i dont got to hear that stupid son of bitch's lame ass voice! VOTE NO ON JOE FUCK I MEAN BUCK

Fox sucks..camera work is the worst
Buck sucks
McCarver--shut up

How am I supposed to watch the world series?

This is getting ridiculous! It's 2009 and this fuckwit is STILL announcing every World Series game!?! Joe Buck Sucks!! I'm fed up with hearing how HE thinks people in and around the game are FEELING or will "need to react"!! I don't give a SHIT what Joe Buck thinks...In fact, it's worse than that, much worse...I don't want to hear Joe Buck's worthless opinion & play-by-play anymore! And I felt this way 3 years ago! Let the REAL announcers like John Miller, who's over on radio and presents an unbiased narration of the events taking place on the field, do BOTH TV *and* radio.

Silence Joe Buck!!

ya know how when u smoke a cigarette you feel like takin a crap? i dont know why but when i listen to joe buck i make sure im near a bathroom.

Yes it's all true! I have hated Joe Buck and Tim McCarver ever since the 96 World Series. FOX's insistance on employing these two is truly baffling.

Joe Buck's monotone delivery makes him sound entirely disinterested in the game (which is probably true). Just because you're supposed to be impartial doesn't mean you can't get excited about a big play. Actually, he's not just disinterested, he has a negative opinion of everything. He never misses an opportunity to mention how hitters are struggling, but never how pitchers are dominating. Great defensive plays are always about the slumping hitter. Steals are about poor defense and pitching. How can you generate excitement in a broadcast with commentary like this?

Tim McCarver is a whole other issue, but I do sympathize for him about one thing. Joe Buck has zero respect for McCarver and he doesn't hide it. Whatever comment McCarver makes, Joe Buck ignores it and continues on his own conversation with himself. I have never heard these two have a conversation during a broadcast. It's as if they can't even hear each other.

The FOX broadcast as a whole is disrespectful towards baseball - the game in progress and its heritage. Why does the director insist on singling out one fan and cutting to him or her over and over over? Who cares that a player's wife is in the stands? How arrogant are you to interrupt managers in the middle of a World Series game (or any game for that matter) and ask him inane questions that you already know the answer to?

I tried watching the World Series games on mute and tuning in the Yankees radio broadcast, but FOX is on a 15 second delay.

I would much prefer Jon Miller and Joe Morgan from ESPN. Those guys get excited about good plays and actually talk to each other like people.

Unfortunately, FOX still gets ratings because people want to watch the games in spite of the direction, Joe Buck, and Tim McCarver.

When Matsui went yard in the 2nd inning last night, you could HEAR the disappointment in Buck's voice. Watch the clip:


It's especially apparent when compared to John Sterling's call...

how did this douchbagg get his own show

I am so glad I'm not the only one who thinks Buck is the epitome of lameness. The guy needs to shut the hell up once in a while. He needs to watch Vin Scully and take notes. One doesn't need to yap non-stop to make a game interesting. Quite the contrary.

And Buck's pitiful grasp of English grammar is another of my peeves, but we'll leave that alone for now.

fox are you listening??????I can t count how many times I nod off during his football games,,,why doesnt fox find some real talent instead of a balding son of legend(jack buck)....

joe buck needs to smoke 2 packs of smokes a day (for gravel voice sound like daddy had),stop trying to act like the pope and be a freakin fan of the game like the rest of us....then you have a shot.by the way we need announcers with character not ex players who have no personality.

I set here watching the first every Rangers WORLD SERIES game at home and guess what. The idiot Joe Buck who hate every thing Texas (watch Cowboy's game) is the only option. I could spoon out my ear drums to save my own sanity. The graetest baseball moment in DFW and it is going to be one of the longest nights ever.

FOX please lose the idiot.
God please a little help here!!!

Giants SuperBowl win......Troy Aikman says "Eli just slings it" on the pass to David Tyree........since then Joe Jackass Buck has used the verb "slings" about 10 times (that I've heard,) inappropriately. When a QB dirlls or rifles a throw, he is not slinging it. Rarely do QB's sling a football.

I would guess that there are maybe 3 passes that can be described as a sling in the entire season in the NFL, inculding pre-season.

When Troy said "slings it" it was a unique and perfect description.

Joe Jackass Buck is toxic. Turn off the sound when he's off......normally one one would say, "when Joe Buck is on" but that is never the case.

Joe Buck has the memory of a fruit fly. He was probably told about this friendly gamesmanship. His minor brain was not able to process this. As for Moss, he has the descriptive ability of a world class mime. Excellent show. My kids got it instantly, just in passing.

Yeah, let's do it. I'm in for both A-H's.

Long live Simms and Aikman......but why doesn't Troy just bust him.

Have you ever been to the moon?
I ask because I see that you suffer from lunacy.
All the best.
Your mother.


please do not let joe buck call the superbowl game.his only credit is that his father was a great annoncer

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