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Many have prematurely announced that this year would mark the end of Two Dolla Wednesday baseball in Oakland. In an effort to cut costs and increase ticket demand, the Oakland Athletics closed the entire third deck of the Oakland-Alameda County Network Associates McAfee Coliseum. According to an offical team press release, "The effected (sic) seating areas - along with the upper level seating area in the football structure - will be covered with a tarpaulin to reflect the team's rich history and take advantage of marketing opportunities." In other words, some tarps with feature the A's logo, but most of them will be covered with ads.

However, rumors of Two Dolla Wednesday's demise have been greatly exaggerated. Wednesday baseball will still be available to the bargain-hunting baseball enthusiast for the low two-dollar price, but the seats will be (somehow) worse. Last year, all seats in the third deck were part of the promotion. This year, the sale price is limited to the Plaza Outfield and Plaza Reserved levels (Sections 200-203, 231-249 - see Seating Chart)

With public excitement for Two Dolla Wednesday still at record high levels, any economist worth his salt could tell you that a scarcity of discount seats is inevitable. That is why I am offering the Two Dolla Wednesday Season Ticket Package. For just $14, you can have tickets to all seven of the Two Dolla Wednesday night games. For $20, you get ten games, including three Wednesday afternoon contests. The Wednesday matchups against the Yankees and Red Sox are not discounted, and thus not a part of the package, but there has been talk of organizing a trip to see New York visit Oakland in April.

Now, some of you might not want to commit to seven games, particularly since this is the first week in February. But consider this: If you only attend five games, that's still less than three dollars per game. Doesn't the security of knowing you've got a seat every Wednesday you want outweigh the potential two-dollar loss on an unused ticket?

And it's not just the seat. Buying the Season Ticket Package gets you access to the one-dollar Coliseum hot dogs, sold only on Wednesdays. They'll sell you ten at a time at the concession stand. Ten hot dogs for a dollar, you might say. Why Sean, that's disgusting. Disgustingly cheap, I agree! You also get Dot Racing, the Cap Dance, the BART race, and The Wave, all at no additional charge. Based on historical evidence, Marco Scutaro is nearly guaranteed to deliver the game-winning hit in at least one of those games.

If you'd like to be a part of the discount excitement, leave me a comment or send an email. We've already received orders for six packages, so the plan will definitely move forward in the next week or so. Watch for a preview of the exciting discount matchups in this space this weekend, and a listing of the discount dates follows after the jump:

Two Dollar Wednesday Night Games

April 19 - Detroit
May 3 - Cleveland
May 17 - Seattle
May 31 - Kansas City
June 14 - Seattle
August 16 - Seattle
September 20 - Cleveland

Discount Day Games

July 5 - Detroit
August 9 - Texas
September 6 - Texas

Full-Price Wednesdays

April 5 - NY Yankees
July 26 - Boston (day game)
August 23 - Boston (day game)


This half of the Holohans will subscribe to a few of those games. The money earning half might not be able to make it, but the community property half is all for it.

I'd remembered reading your bit about Scutaro in this post, and so I thought I would come back to it today...the morning after he once again wins a game with an awesome hit...and congrat you on being a baseball psychic!! Can't wait for the sub. plan to's going to be the Best summer ever!!

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