mud bowl recap


Mud Bowl Recap

Team "Rock Ice" triumphed over "The Blade", 24-18, in a game played without extra points on a narrow field at Heather Farms. Trees weren't a factor, as we used the strip of soccer field bounded by the penalty box, sidelines, and end line. Since were only playing 4-on-4, this proved less of a restriction as one might have imagined, except for our inability to kick off in bounds.

Why Rock Ice?: Sean's traditional breast cancer awareness bandanna was replaced this year by a purple bandanna from South America, promoting an alcoholic beverage called Rock Ice. (Bandanna courtesy Sean's little sisters) As you could imagine, it looked awesome, tough, and not at all dorky.

Why The Blade: Because they'll cut you, bitch.

Crucial play of the game: An incompletion that resulted in the game's most severe injury. On a desperation pass versus a blitz, Mike just missed a TD pass when he rolled his ankle. He stayed in and caught a critical "two completions" first down pass on the very next play, though I accidentally hit his ankle with both my arm and chin on the two-hand touch. While The Blade scored on that possession, the hobbling of Mike gave the slow Rock Ice team a chance to get back in the game with a few interceptions.

Other injuries: Jammed finger, a few pulled hamstrings, and what I feared might be a broken wrist, though I now believe it's just bruised and I was being a big wuss earlier.

Best coverage: Either Gabe on Paul, or Paul on Gabe. It seemed like on every other pass, balls were slapped away. And slapped hard.

Sweetest play: Paul completes a long bomb to Mike for a touchdown, burning cornerback Sean, and giving The Blade a 14-7 lead.

Best celebration: None. I doubt anyone reached the end zone with enough energy to spike the ball, let alone dance.

Best call: Jigar calls the Blitz/force INT play on defense, which indirectly caused Mike's hobbling when Rock Ice ran it the first time. This time, the pass was picked off and taken in for the win.

Worst Adam Vinatieri imitation: Sean, trying a surprise pooch punt on fourth down, and kicking it approximately twenty feet and out of bounds.

Best question: Why do we count "alligators"? We didn't get into the Alligators vs. Mississippis debate, thankfully, though I hear die-hard fans in Pittsburgh count "Roethlisbergers" when rushing the QB.

Best imitation of an ambulance: Christine, shuttling the swollen-ankled and the lazy back from the park.

Famous game this most resembled: Seahawks at Packers, January 2004 - "We want the ball and we're gonna score!"


Sean may be too modest to put it in writing, but he won MVP.


"Crucial play of the game: An incompletion that resulted in the game's most severe injury."

I just got a call from Mike, it turns out that the "game's most severe injury" is a broken bone in his foot; but he got a TD Sunday so it's definitely worth it ;)

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