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I put Winamp on Shuffle on Thursday night. Here is a running diary of this momentous event.

(* indicates I had never heard the song before tonight)

1. Modest Mouse, "Satin in a Coffin"

Enjoyed. Was distracted with idea to do liveblog of Winamp shuffle. Now I am going back and filling in my thoughts from when this was playing before. I'm actually all the way down at the Clash song right now. Anyway, the idea was to blog, in real time, my Winamp shuffle. And, like my real blog, my liveblog now has deceptive, dishonest post-dating.

2. Beatles, "Octopus's Garden"

Skipped after one verse.

3. *Jacques Brel, "L'Aventure"

This sounds like a number from a musical. I do not know what this song is about. Presumably, un aventure. There is a great flute part as well.

4. Guided By Voices, "Ex-Supermodel"

Why is there a constant heavy snoring sound? Am I imagining the snoring? I thought maybe some website was opening a video pop-up ad or perhaps my computer had caught the deadly Pink Slip Virus. This song is only 1:06 long.

5. Modern Lovers, "Pablo Picasso"

Some people try to pick up girls and get called asshole. That never happened to Pablo Picasso. Pablo Picasso never got called an asshole. Not like you.

6. *Sebadoh, "Mystery Man"

I never ever listen to Sebadoh. I have one of their albums, probably because I remember Lou Barlow's other band, Folk Implosion. "Gravity Decides" sure is a great song, isn't it? Also during calculus class, when we dealt with taking derivatives of e, Katie and I would quietly sing, "You're the one, natural log" to the tune of "Natural One". Because we were nerds.

7. Talib Kweli, "Where Do We Go?"

Conscious rap. This reminds me of the time that we were listening to Mos Def at a party at Ward Street. Someone asked about what "conscious rap" meant. Mike tried to explain about how it was hip-hop didn't have as much to do with drugs, or violence, or objectifying women. Then they asked Mike what song we were listening to. "Ms. Fat Booty", he had to say.

8. Magnetic Fields, "The Saddest Story Ever Told"

This is an early Magnetic Fields song, with a female vocalist. It makes me wish there was a recording of Stephen Merritt doing all these songs. Or that this woman could have sang on later projects, instead of Claudia. Actually, I really just wish I had a recording Stephen Merritt singing "100,000 Fireflies". I don't care about the other songs as much.

9. *Ryan Adams, "Touch, Feel, and Lose"

There are a lot of horns and backup singers for this song. In other news, research for a previous post informed me that a country cover of the Ryan Adams song, "When the Stars Go Blue" was a big hit. This is the second artist to have success with "When the Stars Go Blue" and not be Ryan Adams.

10. 'Til Tuesday, "Voices Carry"

Does this have prominent placement in an 80's teen movie directed by John Hughes? Is that movie "Sixteen Candles"? This song should be about 45 seconds shorter. It's inspired by a breakup between two group members, just like the classic No Doubt album, "Tragic Kingdom", Fleetwood Mac's "Rumors", and "Voices", by Hall & Oates.

I think the lesson here is, the band doesn't have to break up just because you broke up. Suck it up, mister!

11. Juvenile, "Back That Ass Up"

I did not remember I had this song. I am quite pleased that I have this song, and can listen to it whenever I want now. A guy repeats, "Drop it like it's hot" at the end, and according to Wikipedia, that marks the origin of the phrase. Wikipedia also says:

"The expression [Drop it like it's hot] is basically a call for a female to perform a suggestive dance that involves shaking her lower body until it touches or nearly touches the floor. Since 1999, and especially after the success of Snoop Dogg's single, the expression became a common phrase among adolescents and young adults."

Drop It Like It's Hot, Wikipedia

This song is almost exactly as long as "Voices Carry", but it feels half as long, even though it's just as repetitive. Juvenile probably says, "Back that ass up" about as many times as Aimee Mann says, "Hush" in her song.

12. Jon Brion, "Moana Chimes"

This is from the soundtrack of "Punch-Drunk Love". I think a lot of people hate that movie, but I really like it. I like uncomfortable movies. Now, I would like to see it again, just to see if it holds up on a second viewing. And also because of Chloe from "24", playing Adam Sandler's sister. I think Robert Smigel plays Chloe's husband in that movie, but I will pretend it's Edgar. "You wanna thee a thychiatritht, Barry? Barry, I'm a dentitht!" And, "Hey, that's a lot of pudding you jutht bought, Barry. Can I have some?"

13. Arab Strap, "The Week Never Starts Around Here"

To be honest, I like them way more than I otherwise would, because of their intense Scottish accents. The chorus of this song has an excellent three-brogue harmony. Many of their songs are played at dirge speed and they seem consistently dour. They are like a Bizarro Scotland version of Belle & Sebastian.

14. Donovan, "Under the Greenwood Tree"

My cousin was (middle) named after Donovan. I sometimes call him Donovan. He responds by calling me, "Juicy Fruit", a nickname I got when I accidentally sat on a plum on their lawn when I was 19. No one in the Keane family likes to let a joke die.

15. Flaming Lips, "Chewin the Apple of Your Eye"

I don't like the singing on The Soft Bulletin. There, I said it. I like "Yoshimi", but I don't like the Flaming Lips that much.

16. *Low, "Death of a Salesman"

Let me tell you, Arthur Miller plays a mean acoustic guitar.

17. The Clash, "Four Horseman"


18. Beach Boys, "That's Not Me"

I didn't know what "Pet Sounds" was until I read the Doonesbury strip where Andy dies of AIDS. The last thing he writes down is, "Brian Wilson is God", and someone comments that he must have been listening to the remastered version of "Pet Sounds". [replace w/ direct quote] [not actually going to bother]. This song doesn't actually make me think of AIDS.

19. *Sonic Youth, "Death to Our Friends"

No singing. Noisy songs without lyrics tend to sound the same to me.

20. Saint Etienne, "Nothing Can Stop Us"

My first exposure to indie rock came when my friend Sarah lent me a tape of Belle & Sebastian's, "The Boy With the Arab Strap". She couldn't lend me any CDs, because she had all their albums on vinyl. Anyway, there was a Saint Etienne album on the other side of the tape. I rarely listened to it, because I was too busy rewinding the tape so I could listen to Belle & Sebastian again. Sarah had cautioned me that I probably wouldn't like Saint Etienne that much anyway, because I was not a girl.

This song has fake applause at the beginning and end.

21. Beatles, "The End"

This is a sign from Winamp that I should stop here. I will only add that "Abbey Road" is a poor album to listen to with the Shuffle function on.


now i do not know this scottish band arab strap, but when you say they are LIKE belle and sebastian, do you think maybe they actually took their name from the b&s song 'the boy with an arab strap'? (which i also wouldn't have known about if you hadn't written it here.) if they are direct homaging their name, than maybe they are a little more than *like* b&s.

also, your commentary on #19, sonic youth, makes me giggle with glee! i always argue with gene (mostly in my head) over songs with lyrics and songs without. eventually (mostly outloud) we agree just to hate each other's music and still be friends.

I think Belle & Sebastian took the Arab Strap album name from the band. Arab Strap was more established at the time, so they got annoyed, especially because on the album cover, "Arab Strap" is about twice as big as "Belle & Sebastian".

b&s are like bs bitches.

It is perhaps worth noting that both bands probably took the idea from the object called the arab strap. It is basically a cockring.

Sean, this is a good idea, and i would like to see you do it again.

Final thing: the RSS feed version only has the first 5 tracks and gives (me) no indication that there is more beyond those 5 tracks. So i was like "wtf Clash track".

Final final thing: when i found that the Clash track in question was "Four Horsemen", i was at least as disappointed as you were upon actually hearing it.

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