having a concussion - a fictional story

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When I was nine, I fell off the monkey bars at school and hit my head. I went home, and my dad took care of me, though he didn't exactly understand what he was supposed to do.

Dad: Here we go. Home again, safe and sound.
Sean: Thanks, Dad.
Dad: I'll go get your pajamas.
Sean: I don't know if I should be in pajamas. Mom said I'm supposed to stay awake.
Dad: You sure?
Sean: Pretty sure.
Dad: Tell you what. Lie down on the couch and think about it for a few minutes while I get those PJs.

Dad: Knock knock. Hey buddy, how you doing?
Sean: My head kind of hurts still.
Dad: Want me to turn off that overhead light for you?
Sean: No thanks.
Dad: You know what helps me when I have mild brain trauma? This "Sounds of the Ocean" CD. The first eight tracks are just wave noises. I'll let you enjoy them. (Leaves room, turns off light.)

Dad: Son, I brought you some dinner.
Sean: Wow, turkey. A really big plate of turkey.
Dad: You know what they say - "Starve a cold, feed a head injury". You really should have that turkey with a chardonnay, though.

Sean: A Room with a View. Are you sure you want to watch this movie, Dad?
Dad: Yes. I hear it's great, but your mother and I have never made it through that one. I think I was just tired when we rented it.
Sean: OK, put it on.
(Opening credits roll. Dad falls asleep on top of the remote.)

Ten Years Later

Doctor: Sean, your father has a severe case of pneumonia.
Sean: Get that chicken soup away from him! (Slaps tray out of orderly's hands.)
Mom: I'm sorry, Doctor. He's been irritable since he came out of the coma.

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