did brent musburger bet on the cal-oregon game?

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In this clip, Cal running back Justin Forsett breaks free for a seemingly meaningless touchdown in the fourth quarter of Cal's 45-24 win over Oregon. Musburger announces, "And we're over sixty [points]", referring to the game's over/under of 60. He's very aware of where the Las Vegas line ended up for this contest. Some places had it at 59 points, and I'm sure some had it at 61, which is why Brent mentions that some people were watching the extra point closely. In the words of my dad, "It makes you wonder if Brent had bet the over." Thanks to Dad for sending the video my way.


Musburger sounds genuinely thrilled about Forsett's score. Of course, Musburger often seems overly excited about plays that don't really warrant it. Maybe he really was happy to see Cal go up by a full 28 points, but the combination of glee in his voice and the unwillingness to outright say over/under on the air convinces me that Justin Forsett and the Bears made Musburger some money on Saturday. Maybe that's why he still works constantly at age 67. Musburger loves the action, but he really loves the action, partner.

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see the guy who strips his shirt off and flexes. that's me. Apparently I had too many beers before the game, Go Bears!

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