What else to look for in the super bowl

6a. Commercials = Disappointment:

It turns out the My Super Proposal guy will not in fact get his proposal on TV. For some reason, CBS is planning to run a commercial for which someone paid $2 million, rather than this guy's proposal, for free. If you're that guy's girlfriend, you have to ask yourself: Do I want to marry such a failure?

Meanwhile, Kevin Federline has starred in a commercial and managed to offend...fast food workers. When I heard there was a protest to K-Fed's dissing of fast food workers, I thought, fast food workers? That has to be the least powerful labor union in the history of the world. Then I realized that fast food workers aren't organized! It was actually the National Restaurant Association that complained, thus getting the first publicity ever received by the National Restaurant Association.

8. Will Marvin Harrison choke?:

Indianapolis quarterback Peyton Manning has acquired a reputation as a choker, because of the Colts' postseason defeats. However, receiver Marvin Harrison has played significantly worse in those losses, and worse in the wins as well. Harrison dropped a few passes against the Patriots last week, but it was forgotten in the wake of the Colts' comeback win. Manning hasn't been great in the playoffs, but Joe Montana wouldn't have looked that great if Jerry Rice had dropped passes all the time.

Who will be the most prominent player to cry on the field?

I'm not talking about the locker room, or the postgame celebration. I'm only counting tears that happen on the field. No matter how much he has been wanting this Super Bowl title, I don't see Coach Tony Dungy crying on the field. I think there are the leading candidates:

*Peyton Manning - Not if he wins, but if he throws a bad interception, or injures his hand, or gets his feelings hurt.

*Rex Grossman - Again, not after winning, but more likely after he simply gets too excited after throwing a long pass. It won't even matter if it's complete or incomplete; I'm expecting just a bizarre surge of adrenaline and emotion resulting in some hysterical tears.

*Lance Briggs - Just a hunch.

*Robbie Gould - After an injury on a kickoff return.

*Ted Marchibroda - Because he is 87 years old.

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