oscar rodeo: the devil wears prada

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The Devil Wears Prada, which is perfectly acceptable attire for an Oscar Rodeo. Hell, the devil's invited. The more the merrier. This film is up for best Costume Design and Best Actress. Normally, the sheer number of outfits presented in the film would seem to make Oscar take notice, but the costume award rarely goes to a contemporary film.

Meryl Streep reminded me of Helen Mirren in The Queen in how she dominated every scene she was in, yet showed occasional vulnerability. In another year, this could have been an Oscar-winning performance, but no one is beating HMQEII tonight. I think Streep's Oscar clip will be her devastating analysis of Anne Hathaway's "bargain-basement" sweater, tracking the chain of fashion event that led her to that particular cerulean blue garment. The only bad thing about Streep's performance is that she makes Anne Hathaway's outside life, and especially her boyfriend, look inferior by comparison.

I was not the target audience for this film. I enjoyed Stanley Tucci, but I couldn't judge the relative fabulousness of the clothing at all, which may have detracted from my enjoyment of it. It's kind of like Pretty Woman or your generic inspirational sports movie, except with high fashion instead of blowjobs or youth hockey. Maybe some ambitious filmmaker will combine all three, where a hooker with a heart of gold motivates a ragtag intermural basketball team from the fashion institute via pep talks and handjobs, and wins a bet for a closet full of couture clothing after they win the big game against some snooty, sassy tailors. They can call it: Best Picture 2008.

1 Comment

i think meryl sealed her fate with that bizarre outfit at the oscars.

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