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We've been neglecting the baseball season around these parts recently, so today we introduce a new feature of daily reactions to the Giants action. A lot of big news is happening around the Giants these days: Barry Bonds chasing the all-time home run record, the All-Star Game at ATT&T Park next week, Bruce Bochy's pursuit of the modern-day, single-season managerial ejections record, and Tim Lincecum's struggle to lose his virginity before the end of summer.

"Humm Bloggy" is the name of the new feature, a name so awkward we couldn't help but choose it. "Humm Baby" was former manager Roger Craig's rallying cry during his tenure as Giants manager. "Humm baby" had many meanings. It could mean a scrub who nonetheless gave maximum effort. It could mean any player who played his heart out. It could mean, "Congratulations", "We'll get 'em next time," "Hot girl in the stands," and "Suicide squeeze again, muthafucka!"

The Giants didn't play yesterday, so I'll provide a reaction to Sunday's 13-0 defeat of the Diamondbacks:

My grandfather always enjoyed Giants victories, but he got increasingly nervous whenever the margin of victory exceeded three or four runs. On a day like Sunday, each run the team scored would make him only more agitated. "Save some for tomorrow," he'd have muttered through clenched teeth as Bengie Molina circled the bases, upset at the team's foolhardy expenditure of precious extra-base hits. "We'll need those runs tomorrow."

I can't say he was wrong. The team did seem to suffer a letdown after enormous, ass-kicking victories like the one we saw Sunday. But was this a result of not saving runs for tomorrow during a blowout, or was it because we watched the Giants, and they generally kind of sucked? I'm not going to try to answer that question, but don't be surprised if the Giants offense fails to provide fireworks on the Fourth of July. Grandpa could have told you the same.


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