full contact comedy, july 24th


There's a brand-new comedy showcase premiering at Frank Chu's favorite bar in San Francisco, 12 Galaxies. It's called Full Contact Comedy, and the debut show is Tuesday, February July 24th. There's an impressive array of up-and-coming SF standups involved, including "corporate douchebag by day, experimental comic by night", Jeff Cleary; the free money from the government guy, Joe Tobin; the finest Afro-Trinidadian comic in the Bay Area, Kevin Munroe; the most Irishly named comic in the Bay Area (at least until Seamus McWhiskeybritches comes back from LA), Kevin O'Shea, and comedienne/filmmaker Mary Van Note.

Show starts at 8, and admission is $7. Now please enjoy the lovely promotional materials.




You mean July 24, not February. Maggie will be in town so I'm hoping to bring her along, and I think Melanie's coming as well.

I just saw Mary Van Note perform in LA, so the name rang a bell, but that picture really confused me until I realized the whole point is that it's not a picture of the comics named. Then I felt stupid.

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