billionaires for bush come to australia

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Billionaires for Bush have spread their reach to Australia. For the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, demonstrated as billionaire supporters of W. They dressed up in fancy clothes and had signs like, "Blood for Oil" and "It's A Class War And We're Winning". The bald man in the photo below is my friend Tim Phil T. Rich.


The Billionaires are at their best at these sort of events, instead of during the campaign season when the public is forced to confront two candidates completely beholden to the wealthy. John Kerry spent his summers on a family estate in France; it was hard to sting Bush by wearing a monocle when Little Lord Fauntleroy was his opponent.

In other APEC happenings, a group from The Chaser managed to penetrate two security checkpoints with a fake Canadian motorcade, containing a comedian dressed as Osama bin Laden. Here, we just have Rage Against The Machine play a concert. Point to the Aussies.

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Just to clarify, the bald man in the photo is actually Phil. T Rich. I am pictured here with Dick Tator, Baron Von Havalot and Halle Burton. Just behind us are Sue Ann Win and Ihava Bigyacht.

No offence taken - I was mistaken for Tim by some of his friends who were also at the protest.

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