preparing for game three, part three: phillies-rockies

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We're two games into the baseball playoffs, and all four series are at 2-0. How are teams getting ready for Game Three?

(See Part One, Part Two)

Philadelphia vs. Colorado - Colorado leads 2-0


Phillies Owner Bill Giles: Do you have everything set?

GM Pat Gillick: I think so. We've got extra personnel on call with the suicide hotlines.

Giles: Good. And the Cheez Whiz giveaways?

Gillick: We'll have the greater Philadelphia area convenience stores stocked by sundown.

Giles: Great. What about that photo op we discussed?

Gillick: The PR guy agrees that if we can manage to get a photo of McNabb wearing a Phillies hat, it would take a lot of pressure off the guys. J. Whyatt Mondesire already has a column written that blames McNabb for a "culture of choking" in Philly.

Giles: Excellent. Is Chase still crying a lot?

Gillick: Mostly just sniffling now.

Giles: Well that's something. And the charter is set for midnight out of Colorado?

Gillick: Yes. You know, we might win the game, Bill.




Gillick: You know, why don't I bump that flight up to 11?


(Todd Helton tosses a coin with the clubhouse attendant)

Attendant: Call it.

Helton: Heads.

Attendant: (reveals coin) Heads.

(Attendant continues to toss coin)

Helton: Heads. Heads. Heads.

(Attendant shakes his head in wonder)

(In another part of the clubhouse, the Rockies Traveling Secretary talks to catcher Yorvit Torrealba)

Traveling Secretary: I got you an extra room key, just like usual.

Torrealba: No need. I haven't had that problem recently.

Traveling Secretary: Really? But you always lose your keys?

Torrealba: That's true, but I haven't lost them recently. I feel like I haven't lost anything for about three weeks.

Helton: Heads. Heads. Heads.

(Matt Holliday looks through a stack of DVDs for pre-game entertainment. He puts in an old recording of ABC's Wide World of Sports)

Wide World of Sports Intro: Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of sport...The thrill of victory...And the agony of--

(The recording abruptly cuts out)

Holliday: That was odd.

Helton: Heads. Heads. Heads.

Holliday: OK, what else should we watch. I've got the first season of Lost.

Brad Hawpe: I don't know what that is.

Troy Tulowitzki: Yeah, that L-word is confusing. I haven't heard it in a long time.

Brad Hawpe: I think I used to know what that was...

Holliday: I don't remember either. OK, how about...Parker Lewis Can't Lose?

Hawpe and Tulowitzki: Yeah!

(Attendant finally stops tossing the coin)

Attendant: That's 85 in a row. Don't you think that's strange, such a long streak?

Helton: Eh, not really.


1 Comment

I didn't understand a lot of this, but your R&G and Parker Lewis references struck a deep, deep chord. Nod to you.

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