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Joe Gorman is the founder of the Baby Faces of Comedy Tour, and every Wednesday, he co-hosts an open mic at Delirium called Your Name Here. Once a month, the open mic becomes a showcase, as it did last month when I hosted and refereed Street Fight: Kevins vs. Joes. Mr. Gorman spoke to me about comedy, Full House, and his new showcase, The More You Know (tonight @ Delirium, 6:45, Free).

Sean Keane: How did you get the idea for The More You Know?

Joe Gorman: [Co-host Joey Devine and I] were were brainstorming possible themes. It was originally going to be a lecture, then a classroom, and finally we decided that if it was more of a PSA it would fly best.

Sean Keane: So are the comics supposed to be altering their sets to be more PSA-like? By the way, I just watched Almost Famous, so watch out for my inspired journalistic attitude.

Joe Gorman: No, they do normal sets, but after each one, Joey and I will break down the jokes and make bullet points of the important stuff, and there are questions at the end.

And for the record, I am a golden god.

Sean Keane: You're just going to deny that quote later, Gorman, unless a groupie shames you into coming clean later.

Is this show at all similar to "Get It!?" the famous comedy game show at the Punchline?

Joe Gorman: I'm going to say no because I've never seen it, so any similarities are just coincidental. Plus I think Get It? has prizes involved. It's not a quiz, just Cliff Notes. The audience is welcome to ask questions.

Sean Keane: Are you analyzing joke structure, then?

Joe Gorman: Just punchlines. It all comes down to what the audience asks.

Sean Keane: Who is on the bill?

Joe Gorman: Greg Edwards
David Wiswell
Sammy Obied
Adrien Palenchar
Miles K, and
Donny Davanian are on the list.
Jeff Cleary is set to make a guest appearance.

Sean Keane: If the comics on the bill were the Tanner sisters from Full House, who would Jeff Cleary be?

Joe Gorman: I'd say Kirk Cameron (who plays their cousin). He enters mysteriously, and is never mentioned again.

Sean Keane: Does DJ learn a lesson from that somehow?

Joe Gorman: That everyone changes, but family is consistent.

Sean Keane: Is Candace Cameron also a crazy born-again Christian?

Joe Gorman: Yeah. So is her professional hockey player husband - who was introduced to her via Joey Gladstone himself - Dave Coulier.

Sean Keane: I wonder if that made Dave Coulier feel like he fucked her by extension.

Joe Gorman: He better.

Sean Keane: When Coulier was a young man, there was an old grizzled hockey veteran who hooked him up with Alanis Morrisette. That was Coulier's way of evening the karmic stakes.

Joe Gorman: The circle remains unbroken.

Sean Keane: Are you and Joey Devine co-hosting?

Joe Gorman: Yes. I believe we are also both doing sets.

Sean Keane: Switching off, or doubling up?

Joe Gorman: Doubling up. We work well off each other.

Sean Keane: You and Joey were originally going to call the open mic "Joe y Joe's"?

Joe Gorman: One of the original titles was "Joe y Joe's Comedy Fiesta", which was turned into "Joe y Joe", and then "Your Name Here".

Sean Keane: Give me an example of how the educational part would go. Hypothetically, I'm doing a set. I have a story about taking public transit to the Ferry Building.

Joe Gorman: Joey and I would take the stage, and we'd have a big piece of butcher paper. Then we make bullet points of all the jokes. In this case: Ferry Building.

Sean Keane: Three times?

Joe Gorman: Ferry Building? x 3.

Sean Keane: Would you use a different color to indicate yelling?

Joe Gorman: Maybe we'd underline it.

Sean Keane: What kind of questions do you imagine people will ask?

Joe Gorman: Probably "Why do you guys talk about gay sex so much?"

Sean Keane: I don't have a good answer for that. Of the comics performing tomorrow night, who would you say is most suited to filming a real PSA?

Joe Gorman: Dave Wiswell. Everything that kid touches is gold.

Sean Keane: OK, want to do some free association?

Joe Gorman: Sure.

Sean Keane: I'll name a comic, you name their most suitable PSA. Go with your first reaction. OK, Miles K.

Joe Gorman: Safe sex.

Sean Keane: Dave Wiswell.

Joe Gorman: Either something for abusive homes, or Save the Music.

Sean Keane: Greg Edwards.

Joe Gorman: Something involving sharp-ass teeth, or the city kids he works with.

Sean Keane: Donny?

Joe Gorman: Legalize it.

Sean Keane: Joey Devine?

Joe Gorman: Holocaust remembrance.

Sean Keane: One last question: Will there be a brawl afterward, like at Kevins vs. Joes?

Joe Gorman: God, I hope so.

Sean Keane: I'll see what I can do.

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