how gene is like iron man

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One Iron Man post is not enough. Here, I discuss why my friend Gene is eerily similar to Iron Man Tony Stark:

  • Gene and Tony Stark both believe in wearing the most protective clothing possible. for Gene, it's Carhart pants and Kevlar-reinforced motorcycle gear. For Stark, it's a highly-sophisticated suit of near-sentient armor.
  • Both enjoy having a drink.
  • When encased in the Iron Man suit, Tony Stark constantly runs self-diagnostics. Whenever Gene stands up and relocates, he always pats himself down to ensure he still has his wallet, keys, 1999 cell phone, and Trapper Keeper.
  • Both men are fond of Jeff Bridges's work.
  • Both Gene and Tony Stark regularly sport unorthodox facial hair.
  • At one time, Gene had to wear a heart monitor. Tony Stark has a device that maintains his heartbeat, constructed from space-age metallics. Because Gene has health insurance from Kaiser Permanente, it is far more likely that his heart device was made from aluminum or copper wire salvaged from a condemned building. Would Gene be able to figure out how to attach his heart to a car battery, if events necessitated it? I think he would.
  • Gene's best friend has commissioned a wardrobe's worth of bespoke Syrian clothing, in hopes that such tailor-made clothing will last for decades. Tony Stark's best friend, James "Rhodey" Rhodes, envies Tony's prototype iron suit, which is also nearly impervious to wear.

1 Comment

I love the third one. He does do that, I never noticed.

Actually, Gene can also fly when wearing his protective suit, but we don't like to brag about it.

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