belize it or guat, part one: the return


I have returned from my trip to Guatemala and Belize, and Zembla has returned from hibernation. There's going to be a lot of vacation posts up here for the next few days, because riding through Belize in a pimped-out Bluebird school bus for hours on end gives you a lot of time for blog ideas and questionable comedic ideas.

Some of those questionable ideas were hypothetical titles for this series. Among them:

Guat You Talkin' 'Bout, Willis?

Probably should be "Guillermo".

Don't Stop Belize'n

This would be stepping on the toes of my Journey-obsessed roommate.

Guat a Fool Belize

Too self-deprecating, though I could see Michael McDonald having a great time in Central America, piloting a yacht between Punta Gorda and Puerto Barrios and going snorkeling with college girls.

So I decided on Belize It Or Guat. Enjoy the series just as much as I enjoyed drinking tap water and flushing paper down the toilet upon my return to America.


yey, you're back! i'm so excited to hear about your trip on a bus in funny blogging form!

I am all for any Journey allusion. Alas, a good second choice.

And Guat a Fool Belize made me think of Guat a Fool to Belize, which would be Patrick Swayze banging on the hood of said school bus and angrily swooshing shut the bus doors as Jennifer Grey let one single tear trail down her face.

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