belize it or guat, part two: harper's index of my vacation

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(composed four days into the trip)

Days since I have eaten a vegetable (if you don't count tomatoes): 4
Mustaches on display at the Oceanside Nightclub in Caye Caulker on "Ladies Night": 3
Number of consecutive Kenny Rogers songs played during Ladies Night: 3
Number of braid salons on Caye Caulker: 4
Percentage of televisions at Oceanside showing SportsCenter: 75
Percentage of televisions at Oceanside showing Adult Swim: 25
People shown on TV who looked like they'd fit right in at Oceanside: 2 (Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Stuart Scott)
Our slot machine winnings, in Belizean dollars: $12
Conversion rate, Belizean dollars: US dollars: 2:1
Number of beers that 12 BZ buys: 2
Number of different golf carts full of adults that hollered at a group of ice-cream-eating fourteen-year-old girls walking down the street in Caye Caulker: 3
Percentage of those hollerers inquiring about ice cream: 33%
Total boxes of saltine crackers used by my sister Molly to make snacks: 6
Times I have heard Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds": 8
Times I have worried about a thing: 0
Percentage of the time that every little thing has been alright: 100
Crabs we captured outside our beach house: 12
Number of edible crabs among those 12: 0
Mosquito bites suffered in Central America, to date: 1,492
Isn't that ironic?: Yes

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Nod. I am also really enjoying the photos on Facebook, especially the fiesta/siesta rhyme.

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