despair is the aftertaste of workplace pride, on vimeo!

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Despair Is The Aftertaste Of Workplace Pride from Sean Keane on Vimeo.

For the debut Frown Land performance, all three group members created a video of our "happiest memory". Most ended up kind of somber. Mine was called, "Despair is the Aftertaste of Workplace Pride", and it was based on this Zembla post. This will hopefully be the first of many blog-to-video projects. Currently, I am storyboarding Henry David Thoreau: Newlywed, and finishing the script for Flame War, in which a group of people insult each other for no reason. I'm going to try to land Reese Witherspoon for a guest role.

Joey Devine shot and edited the video, and Chris Garcia came through with a valuable musical tip in the editing process. You can see all Frown Land videos at the Frown Land Channel on Vimeo, or follow the Frown Land Tumblr.

I still work at the same job.

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This reminds me of my life now, when I am super excited if I can get Eamon to successfully breastfeed, while sitting in my pyjamas on my couch at 11:43am on a Thursday. Then I remember, I used to have a profession and a life that didn't involve being topless in my living room half the day while someone who weighs 10lbs runs the show.

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