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Sharon and the knee appear to be holding together a little better. I was unable to steal a wheelchair when I was at Kaiser, because the volunteer wheelchair-pusher was far too crafty. The new cast is not nearly as attractive and holidayriffic as the old cast, and I would seriously doubt if it glows in the dark. Disappointing.

Sharon is now the knee surgery equivalent of a frequent flyer. Anaesthesiologists ask if she wants "the usual." The pharmacy clerk who gave me her prescriptions, actually said "blah blah blah" in the middle of his Vicodin-taking instructions. Two more operations, and they throw in a hip replacement for free.

Also, Mom seems to have developed a fondness for Tenacious D, as evidenced by her instructions to give her "some fucking smooches" before I left. I don't even have a joke here.

1 Comment

do you think it was a case not of him being more crafty but of you being more polite? i mean, did you try to kick him in the shins, push him down, kick him WHILE he was down, and then steal his wheelchair?

you've got to play hardball with these people.

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