sean is slightly famouser


Even though Monica hooked the whole thing up, came up with the concept, and did most of the jokes, and then the other guy credited rewrote the piece and made it acceptable and funny and published, this here is the first step in Sean Keane's inevitable ascent to the top of the Comedy Pyramid and the featured role on Celebrity Mole 7: Electric Boogaloo that such a rise entails.

Props again to the lovely and talented Monica Padrick.


you KNOW it's funny when we're all too intimidated to comment...

you KNOW we're all kristen-cowed when no one comments after her due to fear of the sunny baudelaire type teeth and potato salad head mashing....

So, I have no idea what is behind that link... because I just tried to go there on a school computer and the v-chip censor locked me out. Did you send us porn???

i never noticed how much you look like mafioso in that soiree picture. how did i miss the marlon brando-ness of it? and also, thank you so much for the kool-aid man AND andy clay references together- that brightened my day.

I didn't actually write the Kool-Aid man joke. Or the Dice Man references. Basically, Monica and I turned in a piece, and many revisions and editors later, this piece came out, containing just the Clonaid rock festival joke out of our original FAQ. I think it's cosmic justice for years of my callous rewrites and edits of other people's Squelch pieces.

Bonus Andy Clay factoid: He is the one saying, "What the fuck WAS that?" in the early-'90s EMF classic "Unbelievable."

oh, well... uh... the rest of it was good too! yeah! (seriously.)

re: EMF collaboration- get outta town!! wacky shit, man. wacky.

I really disapprove of the picture and although he made a major improvement by adding the Dice Man to the piece, Nick Nadel has never seen boobs before so I think we both know who the real winners are in this situation.

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