Alex Trebek, In Various Parallel Universes


Male Nurse Trebek

Surgeon: We're losing him.

(EKG flatlines. Patient expires)

Female nurse: He's dead.
Alex Trebek: I'm sorry, it was a blockage in the right ventricle. The right ventricle.

Bomb Squad Trebek

Police Ballistics Expert: Should I cut the red wire, or the blue wire? Dammit, there's no time!

(Cuts blue wire)

Alex Trebek: The wire leading to the power supply is generally marked red, so you should have cut the blue wire. The blue wire. That'll cost you.

State Attorney Trebek

Defense Attorney: Due to the extenuating circumstances of the case, and the attempt at restitution made by the defendant, we would ask that the state agree to a suspended sentence and extended probation in exchange for a plea of "Guilty."

Alex Trebek: Can we accept that? Judges?

(Three beeps emanate from the bench)

Alex Trebek: I'm sorry, the state of California insists on jail time. Jail time.

Stand-Up Comedian Trebek

Alex Trebek: ...So we drive on a parkway, but we park on a driveway. And on Jeopardy!, the questions are the answers, and the answers are the questions. What's the deal with that?


Alex Trebek: Johnny Gilbert, is this thing on?

Wheel of Fortune Trebek

Contestant #1: I'd like to buy a vowel.

Alex Trebek: (Sighs) If you must.

Contestant #1: Can I "U"?

Alex Trebek: For the love of God, it's "Laissez-Faire Economics!" "Laissez-Faire Economics!" This isn't that difficult, people!

Contestant #2: Alex, I'd like to solve the puzzle.

Alex Trebek: (Sighs) If you must.

Google Search Engine Trebek

Google User: (types "pyongang north korea")

Alex Trebek: Did you mean pyongyang north korea?

Google User: Even in search engine form you remain smug, Trebek!


#1 so funny.
#2 my sophomore year of college we had this huge life size cardboard cut-out, on one side of which was alex trebeck and the other side was vanna white. jason, one day, put shaving cream all over their faces. this quickly turned a strange yellow color. after that they just weren't the same.

LOL! Two thumbs up!

Not just Vanna White, but Vanna White *and* Pat Sajak. It was kind of spooky the way one Trebek = 2 Fortune Hosts.

Vanna just turns letters; she doesn't talk. Merv Griffin wouldn't find it spooky.

sometimes she talks afterwards when he's got his arm around her and they're being all chatty for the audience with their dumb ass patter. i find her spooky. mainly that's because she never ages though.

I hate all game show hosts, mostly Alex Trebek. I even wrote a speech for school on why I hate him sooooooooooo much!! Great site!!

vanna white sued a robot. and won.

i hate him but kens cool

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