zembla goes south, part 5: the pet name


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Gene doesn't use pet names with Kristen. You don't usually hear a "sweety," a "cupcake," a "honey" from him. If he's in a sentimental mood, maybe a "kid" will slip out, but that's about all.

I theorized that this might just be a matter of taste. Gene doesn't love the ice cream as much as the cake, nor the steak as much as the potato. Much like a well-pressed dress shirt, Gene is happiest when he is full of starch. Gene is also similar to the mythological Cyclops, because many of his favorite things to eat are Greek. So I suggested some alternative pet names:



"Chick Pea"


Kristen vetoed these choices, but decided that "Tahini" would be acceptable. At which point Gene did not begin using this new name, but instead behaved like an ill-tempered Attila, throwing around "hun"s all over the place.

Perhaps Gene does have a verbal sweet tooth after all.


I'm also amenable to "kitten," which in my opinion satisfies the "starchy food" requirement admirably.

as does "baby," which was my first choice.

I like to call Ash "cinna-mini-bun", which also classifies as starchy food.

i don't get why some girls find pet names demeaning.

i think they're sweet.

eh, jiggles?

if i could quote they might be giants here...

"you just forgot your one pet name for me, and all those promises you said you'd keep, and it's a lucky thinnnnnnnng because that sentimental stuff doesn't suit you-ou-ou at allllll."


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