Zembla has new friends, now visible on the "Outsiders" section of the links. Click to explore the short films of Australian media superstar Dan Ilic, the occasionally-movie-tagline-obsessed writings of former Squelch editor and Berkeley expatriate Kenny Byerly, the street-smart courage journalizing of fellow Fitzpadrick associate and Mike Pagliarulo admirer Brian Dermody, and the library-and-bling-based writing of Heuristic Squelch alumnus Cynthia.

Also, fans of discount baseball and smuggled hard alcohol should take note of the Two Dollar Wednesday Baseball mailing list. The Oakland A's offer two-dollar tickets and dollar hot dogs for Wednesday home games, and we cheap bastards like to take advantage of the promotion. They've scheduled a lot of the games in the afternoon this year, so the list will also announce and coordinate non-Wednesday baseball outings. I think there's a promotion that involves Mountain Dew cans and an absence of personal dignity that will also give you cheap tickets.

Ten days ago, there was a tremendous Two Dollar Wednesday game, as the A's defeated the Cincinnati Reds 17-8. For those of you scoring at home, that works out to twenty-five cents per run. If that weren't enough value, Oakland starter Rich Harden entered the K ZONE!!! by striking out eight batters in his 5 1/3 innings of work. As a result, each fan won a free two-liter bottle of soda. It's like they're paying you to come to the games! Get in on the action while it's still ice-cold and carbonated, dammit.

It's good to have Zembla back up and running, especially with link-heavy entries that let me feel like I'm doing a lot of writing, even though I'm mostly just typing. But, as Mao Tes-tung famously blogged, "The journey of a thousand characters begins with a single keystroke. C U L8R."

Bonus baseball-related Dermody comedy here


Happy birfday, birfday boy!

isn't that how it went?

happy birthday, sean! =)

Wowee! Not that anyone recalls the trials and tribulations, or even the rosters, of the 02 Yankees, but man, it's cool to see some bad cat linking my old humour.

You are a beautiful man.

$2 Wednesdays? You are a spoiled beautiful man.

Happy Birthday Sean!

Remember that time back when we were 12 and you told me to stop running around the pool right before I slipped and fell and broke my jaw in three places? And then when I went in to get reconstructive surgery, they said they had to give me a woman's face because plastic surgery wasn't technologically advanced enough to fix the damage I'd done, and you said "Women always benefit from the fall of man"?

No? You don't remember that? That's because it never would or could have happened that way.

1. You would have blown your whistle, which would have made me stop running immediately
2. Your quip would have actually been funny AND made sense.
3. I only knew you at 12 in my dreams. At night. Alone in bed. Shivering.

too many people have birthdays in june. sean, please consider moving yours to october, where all the really cool people have their birthdays. in the meantime, go out and get drunk with a stripper for the gipper.

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