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I have a piece up on the main page of McSweeney's Internet Tendency today. The permanent link for the piece, entitled, "Scenes From A Blockbuster Action Movie Featuring A Technology Expert With Approximately My Own Real-Life Skill Level", can be found here.

Enjoy. Tell your friends, relatives, and high-profile Hollywood talent agent acquaintances. Zembla will eventually feature something besides self-promotion and semi-humorous, over-long pieces about baseball, but maybe not until after the League Championship Series.


Fucking, congradulations. Rock on! My favorite, the NES bomb defusing.

you're a superstar!

A stupendous offering, Mr. Keane. Congratulations.

Holy shit, Sean! Congratufuckinlations! I am jealous and, well, mostly jealous.

rox0rs. i particularly enjoyed the love scene. did you get paid for this in money or just street cred?

Congratulations Sean! That is so great and SOOOO well deserved. :)

I laughed, I cried, I tapped my watch a couple times to see if that would get it started again.

Then I imagined Mike Pagliarulo chuckling through a greying mustache over black coffee, pretending to get the Friendster reference so his kids would think he's hip.

Then I read it to some friends, then I turned my attention back to the Cards-Dodgers game. Then I went back to IM'ing my girlfriend. I miss her, man.

I read parts of it aloud to Dan in Greece. (over the phone)

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Sean Keane's Internet Famousness

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