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The public has spoken, and soon will become a reality! Though will be primarily devoted to Sean Keanes, friends and associates of any Sean Keane might enjoy a visit. Until then, you can spend your office downtime and holiday dollars at The Shirt Off Sean Keane's Back, a rapidly expanding online shop. Be the first one on your block to declare, "I'm Not Sean Keane, But My Boyfriend Is". Once I figure out the merchandiser setup, all profits will go to breast cancer research (no, really).

Cassie Wu was responsible for the majority of the T-shirt design work at The Shirt Off Sean Keane's Back, so she deserves ample and heartfelt. props.

In non-virtual Sean Keane news, San Francisco Sean Keane (AKA me) will be returning to UC Berkeley in the spring for what I like to call a redshirt semester. I'm hanging out with my old friends John Milton and James Joyce, as well as my twin nemeses Close Reading and Mandatory Attendance. Hopefully everyone will just assume I'm a TA. Otherwise I'll spend way too much time explaining to freshman and sophomores what it was like to connect to the Internet with a modem, or why there's hair on the back of my shoulders. I will continue with my current job of helping to free political prisoners, but only part-time.

Finally, this Friday marks my triumphant return to the world of stand-up comedy in front of a paying audience. No more laundromats and empty coffee shops until next week, says I! Instead, it's a Comedy Showcase at a club called 50 Mason near Union Square (it's located at 50 Mason). Think of it as a normal evening with Sean, where I only monopolize the conversation with tedious stories for 7-10 minutes instead of two or three hours. The downside is that it costs ten dollars, but the upside is that you won't have to eat my attempts at Mediterranean cooking. I've hosted a show on the night of September 11, and opened for Dave Attell, but I've never played 50 Mason before. It ought to be a hootenanny. I will try not to wear that same green shirt on Friday.

The official announcement is below:

Come see the funniest and hottest SF comedians ranging from comedians who have performed in top cities, been on TV to brand new up and coming local comedians.

50 Mason, SF Comedy Club Friday Night Showcase

Where: 50 Mason, SF Comedy Club (50 Mason Street @ Eddy)

When: Friday, December 10th, 8:00 - 10 p.m, (Doors open at 7:30 p.m.)

Admission: $10 (No Drink Minimum)

Transportation/Parking: One block from the Powell Street BART and Muni station. Parking garage conveniently located across the street from 50 Mason and a 'discount' parking lot is on Eddy Street.

Raffle: Great prizes given away each Friday and Saturday night!

Reservations: Please call 415.398.4129



1. i'm delighted by the shirts.
2. i'm even more delighted by the fact that "i'm not sean keane, but my boyfriend is" comes in both male size shirts and girl sizes.
3. yey for going back to school!
4. yey for comedy night without falafel spread!

i am seriously considering purchasing a shirt that says "someone named Sean Keane loves me".

and yay for comedy night! i'm so sad i can't come :( but i am sure there will be an equally entertaining posting to make up for it.

meli wants a sean keane boyfriend shirt. i like the square one.

i won't be able to come to the comedy night, alas, as i'll be engaged in a 24-hour take-home final for my estates and trusts class. but i'll be thinking of you as i administer the assets of hypothetical dead people.

and hooray keane's return to campus! we can hang out during the week and shit. and i do mean "shit" as a verb.

Those shirts are great. I like my sister am tempted by the someone named Sean Keane loves me.....they are fantastic.

Good luck with the gig on friday. I wish I could make it. I'm sorry to miss the funny.

Yeah, I kind of want that Sean Keane boyfriend one.

Your return to campus is a very exciting and opportune event. Think of how much you can expand your network of underage friends!

do it, jason. DO IT.

i like that you are such a friend to the breasts, sean, but didn't you already cure this disease with that run you did a while ago?

i am so jealous!

i'm so very excited about tonight. i'm gonna totally rock a "sean keene is for lovers" shirt. you'll see.......

hehe, falafel spread..........

I in fact received a "someone named sean keane loves me" t shirt and i rock that shit all over chile. but, wearing shirts with english sayings on the front is "in" in south well as mullets, side-ponytails and really anything that Mgyver and/or people on miami vice would wear. basically before i get dressed every morning i ask myself, "what would blossom wear today?" and let that be my fashion guide.

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