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It's a new year for Zembla, though not an anniversary or anything. The site looks slightly different, the sidebars are slightly less cluttered, and links on old posts work again. But that's not all that the new year promises for this site. Lo, there shall be a post every single day in 2006. Maybe the posts will be short, maybe they won't be that great, and maybe the posting dates will be artificially manipulated so that it appears that a post went up on a certain date so as to preserve the at-least-one-post-per-day standard, but there's going to be some kind of content every day. That is my New Year's Resolution to you, the readers.

Also, I'm gonna try and drop like fifteen pounds, but that shouldn't affect the site.


that's quite a promise. i should make a similar one. but jason refuses to let me post the picture of his latest sexual conquest (rodrigo). so i am stymied for anything else of interest to write about. not only today, but everyday. ah rodgrigo, why must your photo languish on my desktop?

i shouldn't let this stumbling block stop me.

hooray! god bless your life.

You could write a post about the injustice of not being able to post his picture.

sean, you could weigh yourself everyday and post the results. Easy post right there, every day. Though if you weigh the same on consecutive days, that might not count. Just get a really really accurate scale, maybe, that would register the difference if you suck the juice off a piece of minty dental floss.

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