the con of man

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The official website for the upcoming film adaptation of The Da Vinci Code is one of the worst I've ever seen - I didn't read The Da Vinci Code, so maybe that's a really crucial phrase, and anagrams about Da Vinci painting names prove the Catholic Church's sexism.

Fan #1: I'm really excited about the movie version of the book. What is it -

Fan #2: Come on, the Pope would never allow that. It's all about the con of man, dawg.

It's not as bad as my very favorite awkward movie URL, for, which had as its official site. To be fair,'s chilling tale of a killer website opened the door for movies about killer videotapes and killer video games - it just had an awkward URL. A truly efficient killer website would have a more concise URL. The real-life exists "Because we think it's pretty scary that your phone records aren't private." Spooky!

It appears that neither Sony Pictures nor Random House was thwarted by domain name squatters. is the book's official site. takes you to the official movie site, The Con of Man site does the same thing. The marketers consciously decided the con of man was where it was at.

Here are some other options that Ron Howard & Co. may not have considered: - squatted - squatted - a site selling DVDs entitled, "The Da Vinci Code Decoded", and "The Da Vinci Code: Totally Decoded". - not taken

Could the Da Vinci Code eventually surpass HTML coding, or even Cold Fusion? Not if the Catholic Church has anything to say about it.

1 Comment

By the end of all JESUS remain to be the saviour of humanity.You need Jesus for this is the trueth,and only trueth will set you free.Human mind,theology,philosophy,and wisdom will come to pass,but,the word of God will remain .Ithought like you but lastly icame to say like Evolutin father Charls,it is only God who created,and HIS power will remain.May God make you discover the trueth but not human mind.AMEN

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