choosing roadside assistance

When you're a driver, having reliable roadside assistance is a must. That's why I joined AAA. I almost signed up with AA by mistake. That would have been a disaster.

Sean: Hi, my car won't start. Dead battery, I think. I must have fallen asleep with the headlights on.

AA: Can I have your card number and the name of your sponsor?

Sean: My sponsor? Well, I talked to a guy named Steven S. on the phone when I signed up. Maybe Steven F.? I don't know. I was pretty wasted.

AA: OK, we'll send him out there with some coffee and a personal testimonial.

Sean: And jumper cables, right? Because, I can't really do anything here without a jump start.

AA: So, what you're saying is, you admit to being powerless over your engine trouble, and that your driving has become unmanageable?

Sean: Yeah, pretty much. God, this car drives me crazy!

AA: You mean, only a power greater than yourself could restore you to sanity?

Sean: Um...

AA: Don't worry. When you signed up for AA, you turned your automotive worries over to the care of our organization, as you understood it. Now, repeat after me: My name is Sean.

Sean: My name is Sean.

AA: And I need roadside assistance.

Sean: And I need...roadside assistance. (breaks down crying)

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