more on the da vinci code


Since my last screed, I have done some more research into The Da Vinci Code. I still haven't read the book, but I did play a few rounds of the online game. The game revolves around descrambling anagrams. If so, The Da Vinci Code might be the historical mystery best suited to my skills.

My greatest talent is rearranging letters. If such a job were available, I would leap at the chance to do the Jumble professionally. Going by my performance at the online game, I would be quite an asset to a team devoted to unraveling an elaborate Catholic conspiracy. Especially if there is an albino involved. I could really bond with an albino about our mutual sunscreen requirements.

The only way this would be a better mystery for me is if the art-and-Scripture also involved sports trivia and the lyrics to "We Didn't Start the Fire".

A Scene From The Billy Joel Code

Audrey Tatou: Unscrambled, the inscription on the gold record says, "1984 World Series".

Sean: That was Padres versus Tigers.

Audrey Tatou: "Padres" is Spanish for "priest". Billy Joel must be referring to the Vatican here!

Sean: But the Tigers won that Series, four games to one.

Audrey Tatou: Who was the MVP of that Series?

Sean: Alan Trammell.

Audrey Tatou: Any anagrams of that name?

Sean: "All mar Mantle."

Audrey Tatou: Does that mean...the New York Yankees have been behind all of this?

Sean: It all makes sense! Billy Joel starts "We Didn't Start the Fire" with 1949 - the first year of the Yankees' five consecutive world championships. 1963 is the last year to get individual treatment in the song, and it's the year after the last title of the Mickey Mantle teams.

Audrey Tatou: Oh my God! There's something else surprising I have to tell you!



Your dialogue is true Dan Brown. Are you also succumbing to the plague of plagarism currently sweeping our nation? Dunh dunh DUNH!

seriously, it's just like reading page 55.

It's also worthy to note that the Billy Joel lyric "Starkweather homicide" anagrams to "Karachi emitted whores". I knew the Pakistanis were in on it.

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