nash bridges pretends to be gay

Here are some selections of dialogue for an episode of Nash Bridges where Nash and Cheech pretend to be gay in order to solve a crime.

Cheech: We set up shop, establish a reputation in the gay community. Then, we come out.

Nash Bridges: We come OUT?

Cheech: We come out, as straight.

Nash Bridges: But we're already in...out? Oh, I just don't know anymore!

(SUBTEXT: Nash is not gay. Cheech is less un-gay. Modern notions of sexual identity confuse Nash Bridges.)

Nash Bridges: That's in the Castro District. You got an address?

Informant: 475 Hancock.

Nash Bridges: (Raises an eyebrow)

(SUBTEXT: That street name sounds like "Hand cock". Nash is not gay.)

Cheech: This is my partner, Nash Bridges.

Leather daddy: How long have you been together?

Cheech: 20 years.

(SUBTEXT: Whoa, "partners"? Are Cheech and Nash gay?)

Nash Bridges: Open your eyes, Pocohontas. I'm a cop.

"Pocohontas": I like cops.

Nash Bridges: I'm busy. And you're annoying me. Is there any part of that you don't understand? (Pocohontas shakes his head) Good.

(SUBTEXT: Hey fags! Stop hitting on Nash! Not gay!)

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