tough conversations for harrison ford impersonators, part 2

(Part 1)

Karen: You're not Harrison Ford at all! You've been lying to me for months!

Harrison: Calm down, honey. I never actually said I was Harrison Ford.

Karen: You said you played The Fugitive!

Harrison: I said I played a fugitive. And by "played", I mean, "am". I need forty dollars and your car keys.

* * *

Betsy: So what was it like making Blade Runner?

Harrison: Exhausting. And painful. So many blades. So much running.

Betsy: I've seen the regular version and the director's cut, and I have to know. Were you a replicant?

Harrison: No! I was Harrison Ford! I'm still Harrison Ford!

Betsy: Calm down, Harrison. I'm just talking about your character.

Harrison: My character is impeccable!

Betsy: Relax, Harrison. I was just asking about the movie.

Harrison: How many photos of me and Mark Hamill do I have to show you, woman?

* * *

Raquel: How could I have been so naive? You're nothing like Harrison Ford! Harrison Ford is a gentleman!

Harrison: Look, I don't deserve you. I know that. But I need you, and I don't need anything.

Raquel: Oh, please. Your movie lines won't work on me again. The wedding's off. I want you out of my apartment by tomorrow.

Harrison: You'll get the engagement ring back when I get my family!

Raquel: That doesn't make any sense.

Harrison: Are you going to finish those fries?

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