sean keane at 50 mason, 8/5/06

After a triumphant fourth-place finish at the Comedy Competition (OK, an eleven-way tie), Sean Keane will be returning to the San Francisco Comedy Club on Saturday, August 5th. It's my fifth headlining spot at 50 Mason, which means I get to join the prestigious Five-Timers' Club. You get a framed headshot on the wall, a congratulatory phone call from Elliott Gould, and a romantic serenade from the Tenderloin hobo of your choice. It is a very special milestone in a young comedian's life.

Please join me, along with Travis Curry, Walter Pierre, and host Antonio Sparks at 8 PM, at 50 Mason. We've got a shorter lineup this week, which means the funny is longer, stronger, and even more down to get the friction on. So ladies? (Yeah!) Ladies? (Yeah!) You wanna watch some stand-up comedy? Dial 1-900-MIX-ALOT, and...well, hang up, and then dial (415) 398-4129 to reserve your spot.

Also, you can now chat to me via this very web page, thanks to Meebo. It's technically still an instant message, but you'll feel like you're having the conversation in The Future.

The official show promo is after the jump.

Come get some laughs at 50 Mason and find out why 50 Mason is called the home of underground comedy in San Francisco,' by the SF Chronicle and just named 'Best Place to Enjoy a Dozen Comics for the Cost of a Movie Ticket' by the SF Guardian. Below are comments from the audience from this past weekend's show:

- "Enjoyed the mix of comics."
- "Laughed so much I was in tears."
- "Best birthday present I got this year."
- "Do I need to make a reservation for the next show?"

We strongly recommend making a reservation for the popular Saturday Night Comedy Showcase by calling 415.398.4129 or check out our website at Reservations are held until 8 p.m.

50 Mason is a great place to meet up with your group of friends for
laughs or for a date before heading out to a variety of great downtown bars. Each week, the Saturday Night Comedy Showcase delivers some of the best, funniest and hottest comedians in the Bay Area.

Line-up for Saturday, August 5th:

MC: Tony Sparks

Featuring: Travis Curry & Walter Pierre

Headliner: Sean Keane

50 Mason SF Comedy Club_Saturday Night Comedy Showcase

Where: 50 Mason, SF Comedy Club (50 Mason Street @ Eddy)

When: Saturday, August 5th, 8p.m. (Doors open at 7:30 p.m.)

Admission: $10 (No Drink Minimum)

Transportation/Parking: One block from the Powell Street BART and Muni station. Parking garage conveniently located across the street from 50 Mason and a 'discount' parking lot next to Hotel Bijou.


Reservations - (415) 398-4129

50 Mason @ Eddy
San Francisco, CA 94102

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