meet the hypnotic brass ensemble


Here's a feature on the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble done by an up-and-coming Bay Area filmmaker currently working at the New York Times. Enjoy the hell out of this short, because it's good, and this stuff isn't gonna be free forever. The internet is a fad! You hear me?

The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble is going to Germany soon, so catch them in New York while you can.


Wow, Kris and I saw these guys at the beginning of June at Union Square on east 14th. We stopped and listened for quite a while, they are fantastic. I sure didn't think I'd ever find out who they were though. Killer!

"7 of 8 are blood brothers"

man, i love me some big family brass band!

They're playing day after tomorrow in Berlin with The National Trust for whom they provided horns and vocals on their album Kings and Queens. It appears like the only way to get a hold of their music is to give them a call at (773) 264-6573. I called on Friday but didn't reach them (since they're in Germany). I'll call again when they get back. I can't find any of their tracks online, and nothing on p2p. I'll check the KALX Library next week.

There are a number of videos on youtube however.

If you want to pick up a CD you can call 1-773-540-8172 and they'll give you the info or you can just send a check or money order made out to "S Graves" at :

S Graves
13316 126th St.
South Ozone Park, NY 11420

Write down what you want and your mailing address, they've got 3 CDs

* The first CD called "The Flip Side" is 10$
* The new CD called "Jupiter" is 15$
* The live recording of their show at The Lion's Den with Mos Def, not sure how much that one is.

I'm mailing them today to get the first 2 CDs. One of the Graves brothers also said that they'd probably be on the west coast in the next 4 months or so, I'll try to get them to come on KALX Live, and maybe see if I can set them up with a gig.

Yo you guys are so gifted my boyfriend turned me on to yall he loves your music. Christmas is coming up soon and I wanted to get you all's CD for my boyfriend but i cant find it anywhere maybe i've been looking in the wrong places WHERE CAN I GET YOUR CD?????

When and where are they playing on westcoast? I saw these guys about one and half years ago at union square and i still have the cd in my truck.

When I see the November 27th comment right after Gene's comment, it makes me wonder how most of the country is even bright enough to feed itself.

Well, in the supply sense, most of the country doesn't feed itself. I just never realized that it was because people aren't reading comments; I thought it might have had something to do with agricultural technology, climates, and economies of scale. What are they teaching kids in school these days?

enough gang -- if you want to get in touch with Hypnotic, they have a new Oh-Fishal website:

It's just a page with some key links to everything. But SOON, it will have everything Hypnotic.


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