you say it's your birthday? it's my birthday, too!


Cementhorizon is turning five years old this month, and we're celebrating. According to Leisa Oesterreich, M.S.:

Five-year-olds are cheerful, energetic, and enthusiastic. They enjoy planning, and spend a great deal of time discussing who will do what. They especially enjoy dramatic play, usually with other children. Five-year-olds are more sensitive to the needs and feelings of others around them. It is less difficult for them to wait for a turn or to share toys and material. "Best friends" become very important.

Because "best friends" are so important, Zembla would like to invite its best friends, the readers, to the Cementhorizon Fifth Birthday Celebration, taking place on February 24th. Here's the details:

WHEN: Saturday, February 24th, at 8 PM.

WHERE: San Francisco. Email to rsvp-at-cementhorizon-dot-com to, um, RSVP and get the location.

WHAT TO BRING: Yourself and snacks. Officially, we are not providing food or refreshments, because five-year-olds are reluctant to share. However, there will be jello shots and a chocolate fountain at the very least. Also, room temperature water and hard tack biscuits.

So if you've ever wanted to party with bloggers, and the staff behind Zembla in particular, come celebrate our fifth birthday with us. I leave you with a list of Dr. Oesterreich's qualities of of five-year-olds that are shared by Cementhorizon:

  • still confuses fantasy with reality sometimes
  • often fears loud noises, the dark, animals, and some people
  • uses swear words or "bathroom words" to get attention
  • likes to argue and reason; use words like "because"
  • seeks adult approval
  • sometimes critical of other children and embarrassed by own mistakes
  • has a good sense of humor, and enjoys sharing jokes and laughter with adults


"They enjoy planning, and spend a great deal of time discussing who will do what."

Behind the scenes at the party planning meeting:

Michele: I plan to provide jello shots!
Matt: I plan to provide chocolate!
Sean: I plan to provide comedy!
Gene: I plan to provide a photo booth!
Kristen: I plan to provide...nothing. Sigh.

Christine: I plan to provide a cake! Unless actually Michele is supposed to be bringing a cake and just thinks Christine is bringing the cake. I foretell that there will be no cake due to confusion!
Kristen: I plan to provide my home and hair to stalkers!

Wow, I totally thought we were providing the cake. Three cakes! But if you/Christine want to bring a cake, I am all for it. We'll provide things to dip in the fountain o'chocolate.

awesome. well, since i thought there would be nothing to put in the fountain besides fingers, i vote you provide that and someone informs christine that she's in charge of cake.


i, after all, am already in charge of jello shots. that's more than enough of a contribution.

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