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O, ye that lament the absence of Sean Keane from the stages of San Francisco, weep not. For I will be doing a feature set when Dan St. Paul visits the the San Francisco Comedy Club on March 23rd. The show will feature some other as-yet-undetermined funny people, will start at 8, and cost ten dollars. The San Francisco Comedy Club has beer and wine, ample seating, and a fake-brick backdrop. What's not to like?

I'll be headlining at the SF Comedy Club on some Saturday night in the near future as well, so watch this space for any new updates. Also, if you like baseball, the Bible, Bob & Tom, or flash animation, check out this cartoon by Mr. St. Paul called, The First Baseball Game. Mr. St Paul's promotional bio is after the jump.

Dan St. Paul

After a seven-year stint of headlining San Francisco clubs in the comedy duo Murphy-St.Paul, Dan launched out on his own with a solo act that was to land him in the finals of the nation's toughest comedy competition, The San Francisco International Stand-Up Comedy Competition.

Soon after, Dan moved to Los Angeles and appeared on several episodes of "An Evening at the Improv", plus numerous shows on VH-1, MTV, and Comedy Central. Since then, he has opened for such superstars as Jerry Seinfeld, Natalie Cole, Dwight Yoakum, Smokey Robinson, and Vince Gill. In a testament to the class of his act, Dan even opened for the San Francisco Symphony ("These guys are great! I knew them back when they were just a garage band.") .

He appeared in the movie "Flubber" with Robin Williams, and signed a
recording deal with MCA records. His CD, "Natural and Good for You" contains one the most requested comedy pieces on radio, "The First Baseball Game". He also is the star of his own one-man play, "Outer Mission, Middle Class - The Comic Diary of an Immigrant's Son".

The Los Angeles Theater and Entertainment Review said about Dan, "Combining a sharp, clean wit with an outstanding talent for creating characters, Dan's show appeals to audiences of all ages...what sets Dan apart is that he doesn't just tell jokes, but rather creates a series of comedic events."

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Your blog entry has two dates for one event. In the secretarial world, this would earn you a major frowny face.

Anyway, I expect spam when this kind of thing happens. Where is my spam?

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