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If you get the Discovery Channel, check out "Mythbusters" on Monday night at 8 PM. The episode is called Birds in a Truck, and features excellent commentary from a prominent local aerodynamicist. We'll try to bring you some YouTube highlights if you miss it. Set your TiVos on "Inform!"

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not having the discovery channel or tv, i missed this altogether. but what/who exactly did i miss?

Once I find some editing software that's slightly better than Windows Movie Maker, I'll post the relevant clip.

After a bit of bittorrent windows movie maker and google video I give you the clip

so we're clear since the conclusion isn't in the clip--the truck does not weigh less. i feel this is because of the amount of pigeon poop that accumulates. but really it's probably because the birds are still in there.

go ilkka explaining things, yey!

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