early effects of typekey registration

Cementhorizon recently switched its comment system to forbid comments from unregistered users. Aside from blocking spam, this change has had little effect on most of the Cementhorizosphere, but Zembla gets a lot of random visitors. Some of these now-thwarted people have a lot of poorly-spelled opinions about Asian-American children's names, Japanese cars, Kirby Puckett, and Mr. Wendal that they are dying to share with me. What are they to do?

For one frustrated St. Louis Cardinals fan, the answer was Meebo. Technically savvy readers know that you can chat with your humble author via the chat box at the upper right of the page. Recently, a displaced Red Sox fan asked me about tickets for Two Dolla Wednesday using the magic of Meebo. An Australian friend arranged a lunch date using Meebo when he couldn't find my email address. St. Louis Superfan is the first person to go straight to verbal abuse, a Meebo milestone for me.

I'm not sure which entry provoked his ire, but for the historical record, here is Meeboguest190942's comment:

"you are just mad because the friggin cardinals can kill the giants any day.and i would also like to know another shortstop besides ozzie smith that got more than 14 gold gloves faggot.Besides,your page sucks balls."

Ozzie Smith only won 13 Gold Gloves, but thanks for visiting, Meeboguest190942! Remember, TypeKey registration is easy and free, but check your ad-blocking software settings if you have trouble logging in. Because we can all agree that comment spam is what truly sucks balls.

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