jokes from the shrek 3 commemorative cheez-it box


Through my Hollywood connections and my membership in a certain grocery-based "club", I managed to get my hands on an official, commemorative Shrek 3 Cheez-It box. If the picture of Shrek and Donkey together on the front weren't enough to make this a collector's item, the box is full of jokes. I haven't seen any of the Shrek films so far, but I may have to re-think my stance after reading some of these zingers.

(Most people would agree that these are funnier if you read them out loud in a Shrek voice.)

Q: What makes Dragon such a hot catch?
A: Her fiery breath!

Q: Where was Shrek born?
A: Ogre there!

G: What's "fiesty" Princess Fiona often called?
A: Belle of the Brawl!

Who's there?
Police, Who?
Police Pass Me Another Weed-Rat!

Q: What's the one party Puss in Boots would skip?
A: The Fur Ball!

Who's There?
Olive Who?
Olive in the Swamp, how 'bout You?

Who's There?
Cattle Who?
Cattle take care of you, Shrek!

And finally, a quote from the ogre himself, though sadly without exclamation points:

"Ogres are like onions...They have layers."


"Ogre there" is pretty good.

I agree. "Ogre there" is funnier than anything I've personally seen on a Cheez-It box before.

I liked the cattle one.

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