million-dollar idea: capri sun cocktails


I stopped at a 24-Hour Bakery tonight as part of an unsuccessful midnight search for Jell-O. While the bakers didn't have any room for Jell-O, they did have Capri Suns for sale. I had a Fruit Punch in a space-age-looking pouch, virtually unchanged from how it looked twenty years ago.

Someone future millionaire should really get Bacardi and Kraft Foods (the North American distributor of Capri Sun) together, so they can start releasing "Hard Pacific Cooler", "Tropical Rum Punch" and other Capri-Sun-and-alcohol combos. It's a perfect combo. The Capri Sun makes you nostalgic for your childhood, then the alcohol blots out your memories of said childhood. If you had a traumatic memory that took place after a Little League game, it's even more perfect.

It might be difficult for people to deal with the delicate Capri Sun straw insertion process. Luckily, plastered people can simply insert the straw into the bottom of the pouch. Maybe that means you can't put it down, and have to drink it up quickly, but come on, it's only 6.75 ounces. Finish your cocktail and then grab a snack. I think it would go well with my thousand-dollar snack idea: Kudos Bars With Weed In Them.

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Wow. That is actually genius.

Some other childhood favorites ripe for corruption: Dirty Russians in chocolate milk cartons, fruit rollup cigarettes (complicated, yes, but it could be done -- okay, no it couldn't), Stoli D (combo of Sunny D and Stoli vodka). I'm sure something could be done with push-ups but I'm at a loss.

Pusher-ups? When you finish the first tasty and convenient frozen dessert, you find out you're addicted and they've upped the price by 5,000%?

Push-Uppers, the extremely caffeinated popsicle!

I stumbled upon your blog while looking to see if anyone has tried Capri Sun with Rum. It is seriously pretty good! We have two pouches at home. One is gone - mixed with Old New Orleans Louisiana 10 year Rum. Yeah, I probably should NOT have wasted such GOOD rum on Capri Sun, but that was ALL we had. Thanks for the chuckle. I know some people who'd like the Kudos bars.

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