interview with matt kirshen on sfstandup


My interview with Last Comic Standing finalist Matt Kirshen is up on He'll be headlining at the Punchline Wednesday-Saturday this week, performing with Cal alums and local favorites Louis Katz and Sheng Wang. (Sheng will also be a part of the next Heuristic Squelch Comedy Experience on December 5th, and he's doing a free show at Downtown Joe's in Napa this Sunday night at 9:30.)

Mr. Kirshen is an Englishman, and more importantly, a Baby Face, so do check out the interview:

Sean Keane interviews Matt Kirshen



Maybe you should move to London! Apparently that's where it's at. I had always assumed SF wasn't where it's at anyway, considering how few liberals have a sense of humor. And you know, if you move to London, we will visit you. (Strangely, while you live blocks away, I hardly ever visit you.)

dude, she has a point. let's move to London and move in with Thomas!

Except he's in Damascus now. I'm not sure what their standup scene is like. I'm guessing tense?

i thought he was just there for a while doing stuff and then always go back to london.

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