il n'est pas chris garcia

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My friend Chris Garcia claims that this photo, which is not of Chris Garcia at all, is on Page 17 of the Google image search results for Chris Garcia:

Not Chris Garcia.

I can't independently verify it, but man, what a photo! Just looking at it makes me want to start stammering about my love of Apple computers, and then make sweet sweet love to Geena Davis in 1989. Chris Garcia wants to push this photo to the front page of the Chris Garcia results, though it's obviously not of Chris Garcia at all.

I can't tell why it came up, since Jeff Goldblum has never played a character named Chris, nor a character named Garcia. He's never acted along with any of the four Chris Garcia-named actors on IMDB, nor has he worked with Christo Garcia or director Christo Garcia, or make-up artist Chris Garcia or even camera and electrical department Chris Garcia. He did appear in Christmas in Tinseltown, however.

Is there a photo of the real Chris Garcia that's receiving insufficient Google Image search love? Yes, yes there is. The Chris Garcia page on Tarnival (that's Tobacco Education Through Art & Science), has a beautiful Chris Garcia photo:

Some people were born to dance, others were born to run, Chris Garcia was born to rock!

In conclusion, Chris Garcia is trying to scam the internet, and I for one am not going to stand for for this kind of chicanery from this or any other Chris Garcia.

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